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"Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech." -- Noam Chomsky


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Jun 23 05:24

Amazon now selling “blue lives murder” merchandise that kills for killing police

After banning “Vaxxed” and other content for spreading “misinformation,” monopolistic retail behemoth Amazon has decided to allow the sale of “Blue Lives Murder” merchandise that calls for the execution of police officers.

Jun 23 05:18

COT Report Shows Stage Set For Volatility

Jun 23 05:16

Newsmax Guest Says Critical Race Theory Will Lead to Nazi-Style Death Camps for White People

Jun 23 05:15

US playing 'same old tricks' by sending warships to Taiwan Strait: China

China has censured the passage of yet another US warship through the Taiwan Strait, describing Washington as the greatest security "risk creator," which continues to intentionally play the same old tricks in the region.

The US Navy said its Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur had conducted a "routine transit" on Tuesday in the sensitive waterway that separates Chinese Taipei from mainland China. "The ship's transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific," said the Navy in a statement.

The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command denounced the transit, saying Chinese forces monitored the vessel throughout its passage and warned it.

"The US side is intentionally playing the same old tricks and creating trouble and disrupting things in the Taiwan Strait," it said.

Jun 23 05:14

US decision to block pro-resistance media outlets proves their influence: Yemen

A senior member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council has denounced a decision by the United States to seize the websites of a series of Iranian and regional television networks, stressing that the measure attests to the fact that the channels have been successful in “getting their messages across.”

“The seizure of the media sites by [the United States of] America proves they have managed to get their messages across. Independent channels have worried the regimes which deceitfully claim to be advocating and fighting for freedom of expression,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi wrote in a post published on his Twitter page on Tuesday night.

He added, “The move unmasked the true nature of the so-called advocates of democracy, and exposed their [false] mottoes. America is hell-bent on outright confrontation” even when it comes to media outlets.

Jun 23 05:14

Iran foils ‘act of sabotage’ against atomic organization building

Iran has thwarted an act of sabotage targeting one of the buildings belonging to its Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI).

The hostile attempt occurred early Wednesday, but did not result in any casualties or damage owing to tight security precautions adopted following similar acts of sabotage against Iranian nuclear sites and the assassination of prominent scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh last year.

Investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators and determine the facts surrounding the incident.

Such attempts to disrupt Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities have failed thanks to the vigilance of Iran’s security and defense organizations.

Back in April, Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility was hit by an act of sabotage, which Iran called “nuclear terrorism” and a “war crime.” The attack, blamed on Israel, targeted the electricity distribution network of the enrichment facility and caused a blackout.

Jun 23 05:09

So true (Picture)

Jun 23 01:30

Left-wing brainwashing of our youth is complete: College students seethe at the sight of the American flag, claiming it represents oppression and evil

After decades of infiltrating our nation’s primary education system, the American left, which has also taken over the [un]Democratic Party, has achieved its objective of brainwashing an entire generation of young Americans into hating the only country on the planet that guarantees them liberties and freedoms no other nation has ever done or will ever do.

Jun 23 01:26

Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory And Transgenderism Violently Arrested At School Board Meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia

Parents protesting against anti-white critical race theory and transgenderism being pushed on their children in Loudoun County, Virginia were violently arrested by police on Tuesday after a school board meeting was declared an "unlawful assembly."

June 22, 2021

Jun 22 23:41

IG Michael Horowitz Investigating Trump For Abuses After Exonerating Russiagate Plotters

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who Trump supporters were led to believe was going to "bring down the deep state," instead chose to exonerate the deep state and is now working to bring down Donald Trump and his allies.

Jun 22 21:53

Mother of 2 Dies After Being Shot Execution-Style Along With Her Boyfriend by Thugs In Chicago

The mother of two filmed being dragged out of her car and executed in the streets along with her boyfriend in Chicago after Juneteenth celebrations overlapped with Puerto Rican Day celebrations has died.

Police on Monday confirmed the reports that the brutal execution took place over a fender-bender and revealed that there were two separate executioners.

Jun 22 19:28

Role and History of Lipid Shells in mRNA Vaccines

In my book cell altering mRNA contained within a lipid shell having the ability to enter human cells hijacking its' functioning- is a virus. Covid "vaccines" are simply man-made viruses. Form your own opinion.

Jun 22 19:17

Understanding Amazon Sidewalk

By Jon Callas

Just before the long weekend at the end of May, Amazon announced the release of their Sidewalk mesh network. There are many misconceptions about what it is and what it does, so this article will untangle some of the confusion...

Jun 22 19:15

Late Stage Globalism: When Anything That Is Not Censored Is A Lie

It may seem like the censorship is absolute and that the narrative and the spin is overwhelming. But take solace that it only appears that way because the facade is breaking.

As more people realize that the centralized technocratic system is failing, those who’s privilege and position are premised on it have to double down, triple down. They have to burn the boats.

They’re fully committed now and because they have no other choice they have to overstep and overreach. Too much, too soon. Too late.

Jun 22 18:39

Temporary Body Storage Service - A Tender Notice by WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL

10 Jun 2021


The Authority seeks to procure a framework agreement for temporary body storage in the event of an excess deaths situation for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London, led by Westminster City Council.

The framework agreement will appoint a single provider and will be for a period of 4 years.

This will be a contingency contract, only called upon in the event that an excess deaths situation arises in the future and existing local body storage capacity needs to be augmented.

The over-arching aim of this tender is to provide a single framework supplier that will be able to provide temporary body storage facilities to house deceased in the event of an excess deaths situation.

Jun 22 18:22

Kamala Harris Tells Activists to Knock on Doors and Harass People Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated in Desperate Push to Meet 4th of July Goal (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris told left-wing activists to knock on doors to pressure people to get vaccinated as Biden’s July 4th vaccine goal is likely to fall short.

Jun 22 18:16

A Long Overdue Reckoning For Online Proctoring Companies May Finally Be Here

EFF Legal Intern Haley Amster contributed to this post.

Over the past year, the use of online proctoring apps has skyrocketed. But while companies have seen upwards of a 500% increase in their usage, legitimate concerns about their invasiveness, potential bias, and efficacy are also on the rise. These concerns even led to a U.S. Senate inquiry letter requesting detailed information from three of the top proctoring companies—Proctorio, ProctorU, and ExamSoft—which combined have proctored at least 30 million tests over the course of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the companies mostly dismissed the senators’ concerns, in some cases stretching the truth about how the proctoring apps work, and in other cases downplaying the damage this software inflicts on vulnerable students...

Jun 22 18:06

Vaccinated people found to be 600% more likely to die from covid “variants” than unvaccinated people

Those who have been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are greater than six times more likely to die from a circulating “variant” like “Delta” than are unvaccinated people who just say no to strange experimental drugs from Tony Fauci and the government.

New data published by Public Health England on Friday found that compared to non-jabbed people, those who took the poison for the Chinese Virus are far more likely to suffer an excruciating death upon exposure to one of the many Wuhan Flu variants that the media says are spreading.

As it turns out, experimental gene therapy chemicals make the human immune system more prone to sudden death upon exposure to Chinese Germs than if that immune system was simply left alone to do its job naturally without pharmaceutical interventions.

Jun 22 18:05

Billions of CVS patient records exposed due to “cloud storage misconfiguration”

More than one billion customer records at CVS Health were released to the public due to what experts believe was an accidental “cloud storage misconfiguration.”

Once again highlighting the serious risks involved with electronic medical records, a vendor of CVS Health apparently uploaded the records into the system without creating any type of password or authentication firewall, effectively exposing them all to the world.

Researchers say that the data points can easily be strung together to create an “extremely personal snapshot of someone’s medical situation. CVS Health is now on the hook for this massive breach of private medical records.

Jun 22 18:04

Permanent “lethargy syndrome” and long-term loss of motor skills now common “side-effects” of Covid-19 vaccines

The Covid vaccines are very far from “safe and effective.” They’re outright dangerous and detrimental to health, including normal daily functioning. For example, motor skills are something most of us just take for granted on a daily basis, like standing, walking, climbing stairs, balancing, coordinating, reacting and so on. This would include gross motor skills and fine motor skills, but what if you suddenly lost many of these abilities, right after getting jabbed with these so-called “safe and effective” experimental concoctions?

Now, there’s a wave of victims of vaccine coming out and explaining how they’ve lost motor skills, some while experiencing relentless, excruciating pain for weeks or months on end. Some victims are saying these crippling “side effects” come on 3 or 4 days after inoculation, and are lasting for 3 to 4 months, including constant lethargy, excruciating shooting pains going up their spine and neck, blindness, deafness and depression.

Jun 22 16:15


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Jun 22 15:58

WATCH: Tucker Carlson reveals Don Lemon lives 'in one of the whitest towns in America'

Following CNN's Don Lemon comments that "we're living in two different realities" as black and white people, Tucker Carlson revealed on Fox News Monday night that Lemon lives in $4.3 million home in an area of New York that is 80 percent white and just 3 percent African American.

Researchers for Carlson discovered that Lemon lives in a multi-million dollar home in Sag Harbor, New York, which is populated mostly by wealthy Caucasians and is only three percent African American.

Carlson said, "Just how oppressed is Don Lemon? What is the different reality he is forced to live in as a black man in America? We did a little bit of digging and here are the details: Don Lemon lives in a $4.3 million home in Sag Harbor, New York."

Carlson continued, "No, he does not live in Section 8 housing. He lives in one of the whitest towns in America, in fact, 80 percent. Sag Harbor is just three percent African-American."

Jun 22 15:40

BOMBSHELL: California Has 1.8M More Registered Voters Than it Should - Election Integrity Project reports 100,000 of them had their birth states changed from other states or countries to California

California’s November 3, 2020 election was marred by significant voting and registration irregularities, says the Election Integrity Project® California, Inc. (EIPCa).

The non-partisan organization analyzed the state’s official voter list of February 9, 2021 and reported its findings to California’s Secretary of State Shirley Weber June 17, 2021. “This followed EIPCa reports of 2020 cross-state voting on April 30 and May 18, 2021 that the Secretary has ignored. EIPCa’s June report cites California’s election code that requires officials to provide timely answers to citizens’ questions.”

“Many in the nation are questioning the validity of the 2020 general election in their states,” EIPCa President Linda Paine said Tuesday.

“Mass irregularities in California’s registration and voting numbers continue to erode voter confidence here and we are hopeful Secretary Weber will immediately address our questions.”

Jun 22 15:32

Third ever natural quasicrystal is found on a Russian meteorite

An incredibly rare and unusual type of crystal, once dismissed as impossible to exist, has been identified on a piece of meteorite in Russia.

With a strange repeating structure, for years researchers believed quasicrystals could only be made artificially.

Now the discovery, published in a new paper, marks the third finding of the bizarre materials in their natural form.

An incredibly rare and unusual type of crystal, once dismissed as impossible to exist, has been identified on a piece of meteorite in Russia .The discovery, published in a new paper, marks the third finding of the bizarre materials in their natural form
With a strange and irregular structure, for years researchers believed quasicrystals could only be made artificially.

Researchers discovered the first naturally formed quasicrystals in the early 2000s, after years of manufacturing artificial samples.

Jun 22 15:26

12,000 Scientific Articles A Year — Can They All Be Wrong?

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is often used to determine the chemical composition of materials. It was developed in the 1960s and is accepted as a standard method in materials science. Researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, however, have shown that the method is often used erroneously.

“It is, of course, an ideal in research that the methods used are critically examined, but it seems that a couple of generations of researchers have failed to take seriously early signals that the calibration method was deficient. This was the case also for a long time in our own research group. Now, however, we hope that XPS will be used with greater care”, says Grzegorz Greczynski, senior lecturer in the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Linköping University.

Jun 22 15:22

SiFive’s brand-new P550 is one of the world’s fastest RISC-V CPUs

Today, RISC-V CPU design company SiFive launched a new processor family with two core designs: P270 (a Linux-capable CPU with full support for RISC-V's vector extension 1.0 release candidate) and P550 (the highest-performing RISC-V CPU to date).

A quick RISC-V overview
For those not immediately familiar with RISC-V, it is a relatively new CPU architecture which takes advantage of Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) principles. RISC-V is an open standard specifically designed to be forward-looking and evade as much legacy cruft as possible. One example of this design is RISC-V's dynamic width vector instruction set, which allows developers to execute vector instructions on data of arbitrary size with maximum efficiency.

Jun 22 15:11

[Video] The Highwire with Del Bigtree - “WE’RE PLAYING WITH FIRE HERE”

One of The Highwire’s most decorated guests, world renowned pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, sits down with Del to give his unique viewpoint of the handling of #Covid19 from tyrannical lockdowns to his fears of the long term catastrophic damage from the vaccine, especially in young people.

Jun 22 14:40

The WHO Makes STUNNING Admission: Children SHOULDN’T Get Vaccinated

The World Health Organization just made a stunning admission about COVID vaccines:

“There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

One would think that individuals who work for the World Health Organization are among the world’s best medical minds. After all, the United States entrusts our funds to the organization. A large sum of money! The United States has been their major contributor in the past, sending them hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue each year.

Jun 22 14:30

AG Merrick Garland Declares War On The Open Internet: Seizes Domains Of Press TV And MidEast News Sites

Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday seized the domains of Iranian state media outlet Press TV as well as a bunch of other media outlets from throughout the Middle East.

The mass seizure of Middle East news websites comes just weeks after Israel decidedly lost the propaganda war in their latest bombing campaign in Gaza.

Jun 22 14:29

John Coleman -- 4 Billion "Useless Eaters" to be Culled by 2050

(Published in 1993)

"At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.

The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world's population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question."

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Jun 22 14:22

US government ‘SEIZES’ website of Iran’s Press TV, two other media outlets

US authorities have apparently seized the web domains of Iran’s international media outlets Press TV and Al-Alam, along with the Yemeni TV channel Al Masirah, run by the Houthi faction, and an Iraqi Shia satellite channel.

Visitors to the three domains were greeted on Tuesday with a notice that they were seized under US laws that allow civil and criminal forfeiture of property involved in “trafficking in nuclear, chemical, biological, or radiological weapons technology or material, or the manufacture, importation, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance.”

The seizure notice by the US Department of Justice also invokes a law governing presidential authority in dealing with “unusual and extraordinary threat; declaration of national emergency,” which includes the Iran Nonproliferation Amendments Act of 2005 and the ironically named Iran Freedom Support Act of 2006.

Jun 22 13:44

US Govt Seizes News Websites Across MidEast, Including Iran's PressTV

The US Department of Justice has just seized a number of websites of Iranian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iraqi news channels.

Jun 22 13:34

Forced vaccination in India now.

Jun 22 13:30

Nina Simone’s Family Blame Kamala Harris For Taking Singer’s Estate Away From Them

The singer’s granddaughter claimed that Simone's family no longer runs her estate. “Wanna hold someone accountable,” she wrote. “Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family.”

Nina Simone’s daughter and grandchildren have declared they will no longer be silent, claiming her estate had been “taken away” from them and they are placing the blame on Vice President Kamala Harris.

It kicked off on Friday evening when RéAnna Simone Kelly, the daughter of Simone’s daughter Lisa Simone Kelly, praised Chlöe Bailey’s sexy rendition of the singer’s iconic song “Feeling Good”.

“Everyone’s coming at @ChloeBailey for her performance…But what y’all don’t understand is that grandma was a free-spirited woman herself,” RéAnna tweeted. “She would’ve loved that performance as much as I do! Relax. Chloe killed it.”

Jun 22 13:28

Intel is embracing an open-source chip design from SiFive, a startup it's rumored to want to buy for $2 billion. It could reshape the whole chip industry.

  • A growing number of companies are using open-source licenses to develop RISC-V-based processors.
  • SiFive recently released two of the new chip designs and is rumored to be in acquisition talks with Intel.
  • The SiFive P270 and P550 are faster and have more features than previous-gen products and are more economical to produce.

SiFive, a prominent player in the chip industry, just announced a new family of processor cores that push the feature set and performance of RISC-V to new heights — and industry giant Intel is already on board.

At this very moment, the device you're using to read this text most likely uses x86 or Arm instructions, the most commonly used in chips across the processor industry. In recent years, however, the open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture has been making waves - thanks to SiFive.

Jun 22 13:28


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See IRAN Shortwave Frequencies and Sites Currently On-Air

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Jun 22 13:09

Another Local Reporter Stops Mid-Broadcast to Inform Station She Is Taking Them Down

Happy Father’s Day, everyone at WWJ-TV! You’re going to be featured on a Project Veritas report! Now, onto the weather.

That, at least, was the message from April Moss, a meteorologist at the Detroit CBS affiliate, who became the second reporter in recent weeks to announce on air that she was working with the investigative journalistic outfit to expose what she said was censorship at a local news outlet.

“Today we saw temperatures above normal again topping out at 85 degrees at Metro Airport,” Moss said during the Sunday forecast.

“Plenty of sunshine today, but all good things must come to an end, and that starts as early as tomorrow morning with showers moving in around 8 a.m.”

Then: “And speaking of a brand-new week, I will be sitting down this week with Project Veritas to discuss the discrimination that CBS is enforcing upon its employees.

Jun 22 13:06

House Democrat Suggests Stripping Catholic Church Of Tax-Exempt Status If Biden Denied Communion

Huffman’s tweet was in response to a statement last week from 60 Catholic House Democrats warning the USCCB against what they described as

Jun 22 13:05

Underground Sun Conversion tech uses sunlight to produce natural gas

In many countries, long, dark winters limit the amount of solar energy that can be generated for much of the year. That's where the Underground Sun Conversion system comes in, as it's intended to use sunlight to help produce natural gas deep underground.

The technology has been patented by energy company RAG Austria. It is now being developed via a European Union project that includes several Austrian and Swiss companies and institutions, including Switzerland's Empa research institute.

The procedure begins in the summer, when surplus electricity generated by solar panels and wind turbines is used to produce hydrogen. More specifically, that electricity is utilized in an electrolysis process, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. That hydrogen – along with liquid carbon dioxide – is injected into natural porous sandstone deposits such as depleted natural gas reservoirs, up to 1,000 m (3,281 ft) below the Earth's surface.

Jun 22 13:05

Portland Takes Out Ad In New York Times To Defend Itself: ‘We’ve Always Been Like This’

Amid all of the negative press that Portland, Oregon has received over the past few years due to the lawlessness of left-wing violence group Antifa, the city funded a full-page ad in The New York Times on Sunday that appears to take pride in the issues underpinning the city’s negative reputation.

Jun 22 13:03

Billie Eilish Apologizes For Surfaced Video Of Her Mouthing Asian Slur

Billie Eilish on Tuesday apologized for a resurfaced video that showed her mouthing along to a song that includes an anti-Asian slur.

Jun 22 13:03

Survey: Majority Of Liberal College Students Are Not Proud To Be American

new survey out of North Dakota State University (NDSU) discovered that the majority of liberal-minded college students are not proud to be American.

Jun 22 13:02

WaPo under fire for ‘pseudoreligious’ video urging whites to set up cult-like ‘white accountability groups’ to repent for being born white

The Washington Post is taking heat after it recently ran a video encouraging Americans to take part in "white accountability groups" and "force themselves into 'a period of deep shame' over their skin color,'" the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Jun 22 13:02

Catalytic converter thefts soar due to rocketing value of precious metals they contain

Thefts of catalytic converters have more than doubled in the last year due to the rocketing value of precious metals.

Some police forces have seen them rise by more than 400 per cent, with organised gangs targeting dozens of cars a day.

Between 2019 and 2020, thefts across England, Wales and Northern Ireland rose by 104 per cent on average, figures from 25 forces obtained by Which? show.

A single converter, which cleans harmful gases before they exit an exhaust pipe, can fetch as much as £400. Rare metals found in catalytic converters are more valuable than gold and can be easily sold on. So a single converter, which cleans harmful gases before they exit an exhaust pipe, can fetch as much as £400.

Cheshire Police’s assistant chief constable Jenny Simms said: ‘We recognise the impact [of this] on victims. Policing and law enforcement agencies will continue to ensure that this low-risk/high-reward crime is targeted and offenders are brought to justice.’

Jun 22 13:00

Dan Rather rips fellow leftist Jon Stewart's 'dangerous' assertion that COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab: 'Playing into the trope of the mad scientist'

Rather — the iconic network news anchor who's allowed his leftist colors to shine brightly in his retirement years — blasted fellow lefty Jon Stewart's viral assertion last week that the COVID-19 virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

What's the background?

Jun 22 12:58

As NY DAs drop charges against rioters, NYPD watchdog concludes 39 officers deserve punishment for response to BLM riots last year

Following news that district attorneys in New York City have dropped the majority of charges against rioters in recent months, an oversight board for the city's police has recommended that 39 officers face disciplinary action for their conduct during last year's Black Lives Matter protests.

Jun 22 12:58

Elon Musk confirms the best kept secret of his Tesla cars

On Saturday, June 18, the Tesla car owners account (@teslaownersSV) revealed the best-kept secret of the American company's cars through a tweet. Minutes later, Elon Musk confirmed it through his official Twitter account with a single "yeah ."

Tesla electric cars are well known thanks to their design and technology, but the best thing about them is under the hood and it is the air filtration system that makes them different. Along with the reveal, the account attached a video where CEO Elon Musk describes the qualities of the High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) filter.

The high performance molecular air filter is characteristic of the new Tesla S, X and S Plaid models , it is 10 times longer than a common one. It has the ability to stop most bacteria, viruses, smog particles and allergens, which irritate the respiratory system.

Jun 22 12:54

The U.S. Wakes Up To China’s AI Threat

I was talking to a friend who is an expert in AI and he told me that he thought the U.S. was at a major inflection point, similar to the one we had after the U.S.S.R. launched its Sputnik satellite.

He reminded me that in 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite that took about 98 minutes to orbit the earth. According to Nasa’s History Division, “That launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments. While the Sputnik launch was a single event, it marked the start of the space age and the U.S.-U.S.S.R space race.”

My friend believes the U.S. needs to have another Sputnik moment, but this time the threat comes from a high-tech challenge from China. China has emerged as a powerhouse in AI and ML research and is raising its tech R&D spending by 7% per year.

Jun 22 12:35

BREAKING: Trump Releases Statement After Georgia Purges Over 100k Names From Voter Rolls — ‘Why Wasn’t This Done BEFORE The Election?’

Over the weekend it was reported that Georgia would soon be purging over 100k names from the voter rolls after last year’s election:

Georgia will pull about 100,000 “obsolete and outdated voter files” after recent voting rights law controversies, according to its secretary of state.

“Making sure Georgia’s voter rolls are up to date is key to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement.


Trump just released this statement on the purge, saying it was proof that he won the state of Georgia:

“Georgia now plans to remove over 100,000 ‘obsolete and outdated’ names off their voter rolls. Doing this, they say, will ensure voting files are up to date, while at the same time ensuring voter integrity in future elections. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LAST ELECTION? WHY WASN’T THIS DONE PRIOR TO THE NOVEMBER 3RD PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION...

Jun 22 12:28

US Navy conducts first of three blasts in carrier Gerald R. Ford shock trials

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy conducted the first of three in-water blasts near first-in-class aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, kicking off the full-ship shock trials process on a nuclear-powered flattop for the first time in 34 years.

The Navy’s shock trial event, the first of its kind on any class of ship since 2016, aims to prove the new carrier can withstand a hit in combat. The ship will go through two more scheduled blasts in June and July, Lt. Cmdr. Desiree Frame. a Ford spokeswoman, told Defense News.

“In a shock trial, a ship undergoes three 40,000-pound explosive charge detonations which occur successively closer to the ship,” she said. Exact dates for each event are dependent on sea state, weather, marine mammal activity and other factors.

Jun 22 12:25

Russia's War Fleet Draws Closer, America Sends 3 Stealths to the Pacific

Jun 22 12:23

US Navy says parts on its Virginia-class attack submarines are breaking sooner than expected

  • The US Navy has a parts problem with some of its Virginia-class submarines.
  • Some parts "are failing more quickly than we originally envisioned," the acting Navy secretary said.
  • His comments follow a report revealing the Navy has cannibalized hundreds of subs for working parts.

Questions about the parts problem follows a report from Bloomberg on how that spare parts problem is crippling the $166 billion fleet of four dozen nuclear-powered Virginia-class submarines.

Jun 22 12:20

Hedge fund that bet against GameStop shuts down

A London-based hedge fund that suffered losses betting against US retailer GameStop during the first meme stock rally in January is shutting its doors.

White Square Capital, run by former Paulson trader Florian Kronawitter, told investors that it would shut its main fund and return capital this month after a review of its business model, according to people familiar with the fund and a letter to investors.

White Square, which at its peak managed about $440m in assets, had bet against GameStop, say people familiar with its positioning, and suffered double-digit per cent losses in January.

Jun 22 12:19


Jun 22 12:18

CBC Turns Off Facebook Comments To Protect "Fragile" Journalists' Mental Health And "Protect Free Speech"

In a move that can only be described as the pinnacle of embracing snowflake culture, the CBC has said this week it is going to close comments on all of its news links and video posts to Facebook pages to protect the mental health of its journalists.

Journalists - who used to be rugged and used to deal with varying opinions as part of the job description - are "fragile" and "in need of attention", like many other Canadians post-pandemic, the CBC wrote last week. Increasingly, they are facing "vitriol and harassment" for doing their jobs, the report notes.

"For journalists, platforms like Twitter can be a great way to find sources and promote their work, but also a cesspool of hatred. Increasingly, reporters are also physically attacked," Andre Picard told CBC.

Jun 22 12:15

WATCH: Unexplained Spirals Are Suddenly Appearing in the Skies Over the Pacific

Over the previous few days, thousands of individuals have reported witnessing unusual spirals in the skies above the Pacific Ocean.

On Friday, June 18, people across the south Pacific islands of New Caledonia, Tokelau, Samoa, and Fiji all reported seeing the same spiral phenomenon in the sky.

Onlookers were perplexed by the enigmatic spiral phenomenon, which they captured on video and photographed and shared on social media.

Jun 22 12:12

Woke, Inc: Why I’m blowing whistle on how corporate America is poisoning society

Financial success in 21st-century America involves the same simple steps. First, the Pledge: You find an ordinary market where ordinary people sell ordinary things. The simpler, the better. Second, the Turn: You find an arbitrage in that market and squeeze the hell out of it. An arbitrage refers to the opportunity to buy something for one price and instantly sell it for a higher price to someone else. That much is well known.

But here’s the dirty little secret underlying the third step of corporate America’s act, its Prestige. Here’s how it works: Pretend like you care about something other than profit and power, precisely to gain more of each.

Jun 22 12:07

Defending Yourself and Your Child – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Jun 22 12:04

A hacker tried to poison the water supply in another major US city

... the way a hacker nearly poisoned the water supply of another major US city, this time San Francisco, earlier this year.

NBC News revealed details of the heretofore unreported incident a few days ago, as part of a larger deep-dive into the disastrously porous state of the security associated with water supply systems around the US. In brief: On January 15, the week after the insurrection at the US Capitol that was still dominating national news headlines, a hacker embarked on this mission. Armed with a password and username for an employee’s TeamViewer account, this hacker logged into the San Francisco water system’s computer network remotely and started deleting programs associated with the treatment of drinking water.

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WATCH: Sen. Rubio Warns China May Be Developing A New Pandemic FAR WORSE And Deadly Than COVID-19

According to Senator Marco Rubio, China may be developing the “next great pandemic,” which could be “much deadlier and more disruptive” than COVID-19.

Rubio made the remarks during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, where he was discussing a GOP measure that would punish Chinese health officials for refusing to cooperate in the investigation of the COVID-19 virus’s origins.

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We have learned nothing (Picture)

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But pandering is easy... (Picture)

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Nearly 4,000 Massachusetts residents out of 3.7 million fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have tested positive for the virus, health officials say

Nearly 4,000 Massachusetts residents who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have tested positive for the virus.

Jun 22 11:38

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