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"Stopping terrorism is simple. Just quit screwing around with other people's countries and the terrorists will go home. But the government of the United States wants to go on screwing around with other people's countries, refuses to stop, indeed views it as Manifest Destiny for the United States Government to persist in screwing around with other people's countries, and views the inconvenience, increased tax burden, loss of civil liberties, deaths among the American people, and even global war as just another cost of doing business." -- Michael Rivero


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September 18, 2021

Sep 18 06:39

The 60s thought we'd have it all worked out by now (Picture)

Sep 18 06:37

North Korea is expanding its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor and could increase stocks of weapons-grade uranium by 25 per cent, satellite images reveal

North Korea is rapidly expanding its plutonium-producing reprocessing reactor just days after it was revealed it was restarting the facility.

Sep 18 06:30

Israel denies treatment to Palestinians with brain tumors

May was a horrific month in Gaza. Everyone was traumatized – and in many cases physically harmed – by a major Israeli attack which lasted 11 days.

Israel’s cruelty toward Palestinians continued after a ceasefire came into effect – as the case of Yahya al-Ijla illustrates.

Yahya, 24, was injured in the head and chest during the May offensive.

He had gone to a grocery store near his home in the Shujaiya area of Gaza City. The shop was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike; Yahya was outside it at the time.

Following the offensive, his family sought authorization for travel to a hospital in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Yahya needed treatment which was unavailable in Gaza.

Sep 18 06:23

National Guard called up for Sept. 18 protest at US Capitol

Others have pointed out that the Saturday protest doesn't appear to have the same support among Trump fans, many of whom suspect the event is a trap by the FBI to arrest far right firgures.

Sep 18 06:22

F*ck this ..(Picture)

Sep 18 06:22


Sep 18 06:22

Tesla driver is arrested and thrown in jail after school crossing guard accused him of driving into her – but doorbell cam footage shows SHE backed into front of his car

A Tesla driver was arrested and jailed after a crossing guard accused him of striking her - only for doorbell cam footage to clear his name.

Sep 18 06:21

Perfect Love Did Not Exi... Waitt... (Picture)

Sep 18 06:20

Pregnant California woman who was KICKED in stomach by Taliban has safely escaped Afghanistan, GOP Representative confirms

A pregnant Southern California mom who was beaten by the Taliban as she attempted to flee Afghanistan has left the country.

Sep 18 06:08

As the mystery of Gabby Petito's disappearance persists, boyfriend Brian Laundrie's whereabouts are now said to be unknown as well

The whereabouts of Brian Laundrie, who has been declining to speak to authorities about the disappearance of his girlfriend Gabby Petito, are now said to be unknown.

Police spokesperson Josh Taylor told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Laundrie's parents are saying that they have not seen their son since Tuesday.

"Be advised that the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie are currently unknown," attorney Steven Bertolino said in a statement, according to reports. "The FBI is currently at the Laundrie residence removing property to assist in locating Brian. As of now the FBI is now looking for both Gabby and Brian."

Sep 18 06:06

'Biden is handling the border crisis as badly as Afghanistan': Texas Gov. Abbott slams president for ending deportation flights to Haiti a week ago - sparking border surge with 12,000 Haitian now living under squalid bridge

Governor Greg Abbott has slammed Joe Biden for the 'complete disarray' at the US-Mexico border which has left agents 'overwhelmed' as the number of Haitian migrants camped out under a bridge in Texas has now swelled to around 12,000.

Sep 18 06:02

General McKenzie admits Biden drone strike in Kabul DID kill seven children, aid worker and two other adults, says there was NO suicide bomber in car and offers 'my sincere apologies'

The Pentagon has admitted the August 29 drone strike on a supposed ISIS-K operative instead killed an aid worker and 9 members of his family, including 7 children.

Sep 18 06:00

Countdown to death: Minute by minute, how the Pentagon meticulously tracked innocent aid worker in Kabul before killing him and seven children with a Hellfire missile in catastrophic intelligence failure

The Pentagon has finally admitted that it killed an innocent aid worker and seven children in a bungled drone strike, marking a disastrous intelligence failure for the Biden administration.

Sep 18 05:58

FDA panel votes 16-2 AGAINST recommending to approve Pfizer booster shots to healthy people under 65 because there is not enough evidence they are safe and effective

An independent panel at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has voted unanimously to recommend approval of booster doses for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine - but only for specific at-risk groups.

Sep 18 05:56

Weed : I support legalizing it tho....(Meme)

Sep 18 05:48

If you insist (Picture)

Sep 18 05:48

Macron RECALLS French ambassador to the US over 'unacceptable' AUKUS submarine pact

In a stunning break with the United States' oldest ally, France has recalled its ambassador to the US after a blowup over a new pact between the US, Great Britain, and Australia.

Sep 18 05:46

US Capitol locks down again: DC braces for 'Justice for J6' rally TODAY in support of rioters imprisoned after MAGA lawlessness as fences go up and police chief says 'we're not going to tolerate violence'

The U.S. Capitol is once again shielded by fences as law enforcement prepare for a protest in support of the January 6 rioters who stormed the Capitol earlier this year.

Sep 18 05:44

It Has Never Been About The Vaccine

Sep 18 05:44

One of only 11 surviving copies of the US Constitution will go up for auction at Sotheby's in November and is expected to reach up to $20M

One of just 11 surviving original copies of the United States Constitution is set to go up for auction later this year and is expected to get bids for up to $20 million.

Sep 18 05:43

A Financial Crisis Is Brewing in China. Will It Spread?

Sep 18 05:43

2 tries left (Picture)

Sep 18 05:36

President Biden, 78, hits the beach as the Pentagon admits it killed seven kids in a drone strike, the French recall their ambassador, the FDA blows up his booster plans and 12,000 Haitian migrants set up camp under a bridge in Texas

President Joe Biden has fled Washington DC to hole up at his Delaware mansion for an extended weekend, even as multiple crises engulf his administration.

Sep 18 05:31

North Carolina judges strike down state's voter ID law after blasting Republican-backed plan as racist attempt to keep black voters away from polls: GOP vows to appeal

North Carolina judges struck down the state´s latest photo voter identification law on Friday, agreeing with minority voters that Republicans rammed through rules tainted by racial bias as a way to remain in power.

Sep 18 05:29

History is History (Picture)

Sep 18 05:29

Demands for teacher to be fired after LA high school classroom is decorated with Palestinian, BLM and Gay Pride flags and posters saying 'F**k the police' and 'F**k America'

A Los Angeles school classroom has been pictured covered in flags and posters that include the messages 'F*** the police' and 'F*** America.'

Sep 18 05:24

Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Pleads Not Guilty After Lying to Feds – Faces up to Five Years in Prison

Sep 18 05:13

Douchebag Bank of America (Meme)

September 17, 2021

Sep 17 20:02

Louisiana State University Begins Disenrolling Students Not Compliant with Vaccine Rules

By Ben Zeisloft

Louisiana State University disenrolled students who failed to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

The students will reportedly have 50 percent of their fees refunded.

Louisiana State University has begun unenrolling students who failed to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

As Fox 23 reports, seventy-eight students were told that they had been “resigned” from the school and would be refunded 50 percent of their fees. Louisiana State media relations director Ernie Ballard confirmed on Twitter that the students are “being contacted that they are being unenrolled from the university.”...

Sep 17 18:20

Just In: FDA Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Shot for Ages 16-65 Over Increased Risk of Heart Inflammation

On Friday, Biden’s vaccination plan hit a major roadblock after an FDA advisory panel declined to endorse authorization the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid booster shot for people aged 16 or older.

Sep 17 18:19

Joe Biden: “We’ve Set a Goal That by 2025 Our Power Sector will be Free of Carbon” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden vowed to make the US’s power sector “free of carbon” by 2025 during a virtual bilateral meeting of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) on Energy and Climate on Friday.

Sep 17 16:33

Is the WP starting to follow the science?

Sep 17 15:20

Local Police Fly Fox News On Chopper to Film Migrant Invasion After FAA Bans Drones Over Del Rio Bridge

Local police on Friday fought back against the Biden regime's attempt to block the American people from witnessing the flood of over 11,000 Haitian migrants illegally crossing our southern border and gathering under the Del Rio International Bridge to file fraudulent "asylum" claims.

After the FAA ordered Fox News not to fly their drone over the area, the police decided to take them up on their helicopter to show the public the monumental crime that's occurring.

A CIS reporter on the ground said the majority of the migrants are Haitians who were living safely in Chile but journeyed to the US after Biden and his handlers threw the border wide open and offered Haitians golden tickets to asylum and heaps of welfare.

Sep 17 15:08

Self Defense at Home and in Public, by Day and by Night- Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

Sep 17 14:34


"The US must now commit to a full, transparent, and impartial investigation into this incident. Anyone suspected of criminal responsibility should be prosecuted in a fair trial," said Brian Castner, a senior crisis adviser with Amnesty International's Crisis Response Program.

Sep 17 14:30

Another COVID ‘Fact’ Turns Out To Be A Wild Exaggeration

Liberal politicians and the mainstream press could change this, if they’d be more measured in their statements and more honest about the real risks COVID poses. But for their own selfish reasons, neither group wants to do so.

Sep 17 14:22

Gun Control Activists Still Spinning Chipman’s Defeat

It’s been over a week since the Biden administration reluctantly cut loose David Chipman, the gun control activist and former ATF agent who Biden had nominated to head up the agency where he once served, and the gun control lobby is still having a hard time coming to terms with their defeat.

Sep 17 13:50

U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable

A ship in the Pacific Ocean carrying a high-power laser takes aim at a U.S. spy satellite, blinding its sensors and denying the United States critical eyes in the sky.

This is one scenario that military officials and civilian leaders fear could lead to escalation and wider conflict as rival nations like China and Russia step up development and deployments of anti-satellite weapons.

If a satellite came under attack, depending on the circumstances, “the appropriate measures can be taken,” said Lt. Gen. John Shaw, deputy commander of U.S. Space Command.

Sep 17 13:38

Facebook Vows ‘Extreme Censorship’ Of Anti-Lockdown Movement

Facebook has pledged to significantly increase its censorship of the German anti-lockdown movement by removing pages and accounts of anyone who challenges the official narrative.

Facebook’s head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher smugly announced the new draconian policy on Thursday, boasting that his team has been working for months to “expand our network disruption efforts so we can address threats that come from groups of authentic accounts coordinating on our platform to cause social harm.”

Sep 17 13:37

In One Sentence, France Just Insulted Biden & Vindicated Trump

The French Embassy in Washington, D.C., canceled a gala to protest being pushed out of a multibillion-dollar deal between the United States and the United Kingdom to support Australia getting nuclear-powered submarines.

Friday’s gala was scheduled to celebrate the long history of diplomatic ties between France and the U.S., but a French official told the New York Times that continuing with the event would be “ridiculous” in light of the pressure.

It was specifically going to mark the 240th anniversary of the 1781 Battle of the Capes, in which the French navy secured sea supply lanes to give goods and weapons the Americans needed to win the Revolutionary War. The party was to take place at the embassy in Washington, D.C., and on a French frigate docked in Baltimore.

Sep 17 13:26

Doctor is charged with murdering her twin two-year-old girls and their sister, 6, after they were found dead in the family home by their horrified father - just days after they finished hotel quarantine

The mother of three young girls who were found dead just days after the family finished hotel quarantine in New Zealand has been charged with their murder.

Lauren Dickason, 40, from South Africa, has been accused of killing two-year-old twins, Maya and Karla, and their six-year-old sister Liane at a home in Timaru, in the Canterbury region, on Thursday.

Sep 17 13:23

Australia admits war with China IS possible over Taiwan amid warnings that Beijing could use nukes and fears that Britain could now be dragged into the conflict after signing AUKUS submarine pact

Australia's defence minister has admitted that war with China over Taiwan is a possibility and warned that his country needs to start preparing - just a day after signing an historic defence pact with the UK and US.

Sep 17 13:22

Russian Online Voting System Suffers DDoS-Attack Coming From US, German, Ukrainian IPs

The Russian authorities previously summoned the US ambassador to demand that Washington stop interfering in the general election in the country taking place between 17 and 19 September.

The online voting system in Russia suffered denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on 17 September coming from IP addresses registered in the US, Germany, and Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media has stated. The attacks came as both in-person and online general election voting kicked off in Russia.

The ministry said there have been two waves of attacks: the first targeted the election monitoring system and was launched at 8:00 a.m. local time (5:00 GMT), while the second targeted the voting authentication system and was spotted at 10:36 a.m. local time (7:36 GMT).

Sep 17 13:22

BREAKING: Border Officials Say SCREW Biden’s No-Fly Zone — Take FOX On Private Flight To Show “Out of Control” Situation [VIDEO]

Texas troopers in Del Rio, Texas, are so desperate for the American people to see how “out of control” the situation is beneath the so-called “migrant bridge” that they flew Fox News up in an official helicopter to observe it all because the FAA won’t let them fly a drone any longer.

Bill Melugin is reporting this afternoon that there are now over 11,000 illegals under the bridge, up from around 4,000 just a few days ago:

Sep 17 13:21

US Gen. McKenzie Admits Kabul Airstrike 'Was a Mistake', Killed Only Afghan Civilians

US Gen. Frank McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command (USCENTCOM), admitted Friday that no Daesh-Khorasan fighters were killed in the August 29 airstrike in Kabul. The attack killed 10 civilians.

McKenzie said the decision to order the airstrike "was a mistake" and took full responsibility for the "tragic outcome" of the attack.

Sep 17 12:57

After 33 years, parents of brain-damaged kids get to express disgust with Florida program

The parents of children born with catastrophic brain damage who were stripped of the right to sue were offered a measure of consolation Thursday for the first time in more than three decades: They were given the chance to speak.

About a dozen mothers and fathers addressed the administrators and governing board of Florida’s Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association, or NICA, at a meeting held via the internet. Many of the parents said they had suffered silently for years as the program fought over benefits that could have relieved the considerable burden on the children and families NICA served.

Sep 17 12:57

World’s largest tree wrapped in fire-resistant blanket as California blaze creeps closer

As flames crept closer to California’s cherished sequoia trees firefighters took an unusual step to protect them, wrapping the giant bases in fire-resistant blankets.

The shiny material that helps quell flames, commonly used to protect structures, is rarely applied to natural features, but crews fighting the KNP Complex fire in the Sequoia national park said they are doing everything possible to protect the iconic trees.

“It is really indicative of what a special priority the iconic monarch sequoias of the Giant Forest are for the parks and for the incident management team,” said fire spokesperson Rebecca Paterson.

Sep 17 12:56

AOC Seeks Free Rent Bill For Good

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, is expected to propose a bill that would extend unemployment benefits for millions.

The congresswoman declared the bill Tuesday evening during a virtual town hall event. Her announcement comes as three federal aid programs died last week that was put in place during the onset of the pandemic.

Sep 17 12:56

NASA’s interactive Mars experience lets you work with its rover

NASA has launched an interactive 3D experience that lets people explore the martian surface alongside its Perseverance rover.

“It’s the best reconstruction available of what Mars looks like,” said Parker Abercrombie of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is overseeing the Perseverance mission.

The video below highlights some of the online tool’s features, and you can try it for yourself by heading to this webpage.

Sep 17 12:55

Dozens of Florida students signed petition to abolish Constitution

Dozens of students at the University of Florida said the U.S. Constitution should be abolished and even signed a petition to do away with it.

"It should be abolished," one student told Campus Reform in a man on the street-style interview published Thursday. "It’s time for a new Constitution."

"The time period was rich old white men and that's exactly what that document says, and stands for and vouches for," another student added when asked if the Constitution is a symbol of the patriarchy.

Sep 17 12:54

An eight-year-old boy who died after three doctors missed signs

An eight-year-old boy who died after three doctors missed signs of undiagnosed meningitis was 'completely failed' by hospital staff at an 'unsafe' children's unit, an inquest was told.

Logan Jones, from Magor, Monmouthshire, died on November 19, 2019, after he left the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales, without being seen by a doctor.

Sep 17 12:52

'I'm losing sleep over it': Democrats see do-or-die moment to overhaul immigration

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin has been trying to grant young undocumented Dreamers a path to citizenship for two decades.

He believes he's closer than ever to success.

But it all hinges on an arcane procedural decision in the hands of the Senate parliamentarian, who will rule on whether certain changes to immigration law are eligible for the filibuster-proof budget process that Democrats are using to pass a multitrillion-dollar bill.

"I'm losing sleep over it," Durbin told NBC News. "It is the best opportunity we've had in 20 years."

Democrats want to allow four categories of people legally in the U.S. to apply for permanent residence: DACA beneficiaries, temporary protected status recipients, farm workers and essential workers.

Sep 17 12:52

The new warrant: how US police mine Google for your location and search history

It was a routine bike ride around the neighborhood that landed Zachary McCoy in the crosshairs of the Gainesville, Florida, police department.

In January 2020, an alarming email from Google landed in McCoy’s inbox. Police were requesting his user data, the company told him, and McCoy had seven days to go to court and block its release.

McCoy later found out the request was part of an investigation into the burglary of a nearby home the year before. The evidence that cast him as a suspect was his location during his bike ride – information the police obtained from Google through what is called a geofence warrant. For simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, McCoy was being investigated and, as a result, his Google data was at risk of being handed over to the police.

Sep 17 12:51

SpaceX’s All-Civilian Inspiration4 Mission Is Now in Orbit: Here’s What Happens Next

The first fully commercial spaceflight is underway, as an amateur crew of four reached orbit on Wednesday. Here’s what to expect from the groundbreaking mission and how you can follow the events online.

As dusk settled over Florida yesterday (September 15, 2021), a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center’s storied Launch Complex 39A. The Inspiration4 launch was hardly routine, however, as the Crew Dragon’s four occupants, Jared Isaacman (the billionaire entrepreneur who paid for all four seats), Sian Proctor, Chris Sembroski, and Hayley Arceneaux are all private citizens, making this the first fully commercial mission to orbit.

Sep 17 12:50

Conservative Writer Wayne Dupree Speculates Kamala Harris Could Be Candidate For President In 2024

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, there has been a ton of speculation about who is going to be the Republican nominee.

But the Democrat nominee has been assumed to be Joe Biden, particularly after CBS News reporter Nancy Cordes that he intends on being the nominee.

“Have you decided whether you are going to run for reelection in 2024? You haven’t set up a reelection campaign yet, as your predecessor had by this time,” she said.

“The answer is yes. My plan is to run for reelection. That’s my expectation,” he said.

That would likely rule out Kamala Harris attempting to get the nomination as it would cause infighting in the Party and the administration if she did.

But conservative writer Wayne Dupree has a theory. And his theory is a stunning one as it involves Harris getting rid of Biden to make herself the president and the nominee via the 25th Amendment.

Sep 17 12:50

"Israel" Seeks to Replace the US with China after Afghanistan Withdrawal

On August 28, 2021, "Israel’s" Prime Minister Naftali Bennet met with Biden’s administration to discuss how the United States expects "Israel" to act towards China. This comes a day after "Israel" inaugurated the Chinese-run Haifa port terminal which was leased to China for 25 years. On the same day, an opinion piece written by "Israel’s" former president Ehud Olmert appeared in the Jerusalem post, insisting that "Israel" should refuse US demands to cool relations with China. He expressed his worry that the US appears weak, and then in the next sentence, he felt obligated to insist that this had nothing to do with its withdrawal from Afghanistan. But reading between the lines the message is clear, the US is a falling empire, and rather than sink with the ship, "Israel" is preparing to jump to a new host.

Sep 17 12:49

Trump said Jared Kushner was 'more loyal to Israel than the US,' employing the dual loyalty trope against his Jewish son-in-law: book

Former President Donald Trump targeted his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, with off-color remarks suggesting he was more loyal to Israel than his home country — evoking an anti-Semitic trope in the process — during a White House meeting, according to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book, "Peril."

"'You know,' Trump joked in another meeting, mocking his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was raised in a modern Orthodox Jewish family and was working on Middle East peace, 'Jared's more loyal to Israel than the United States,'" Woodward and Costa wrote.

This was not the first time Trump has played into the dual loyalty trope or the anti-Semitic notion that Jewish Americans are more loyal to Israel than the US. "The charge of disloyalty has been used to harass, marginalize, and persecute the Jewish people for centuries," per the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Sep 17 12:48

Ohio Republican who voted to impeach Trump says he will not run for reelection in 2022

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump earlier this year, announced Thursday that he will not run for reelection in 2022.

"While my desire to build a fuller family life is at the heart of my decision, it is also true that the current state of our politics, especially many of the toxic dynamics inside our own party, is a significant factor in my decision," Gonzalez said in a statement.

Gonzalez had previously argued that Trump's rhetoric at the "Stop the Steal" rally ahead of the insurrection on January 6 and the fact that the former President did little to stop those actions swayed him to back the impeachment charges. That decision unearthed profound anger in his northeast Ohio district, kicking off a localized fight over the future of the Republican Party that pit the two-term congressman against irate constituents eager to expel any member of the party who crossed the former President.

Sep 17 12:46

Jeff who?

Sep 17 12:46

Calif. Ruling Democrats Seek To Make It Harder To Trigger A Future Recall Election

State lawmakers in California are already taking steps to make it more difficult to hold a recall election moving forward. Reports on Wednesday cited California Secretary of State Shirley Weber saying the recall process needed to be changed, noting it hasn’t been revised in a century.

Weber stated in an interview, “what can we do to really make it a system that we believe in? We’re going to do some work on that.”

Sep 17 12:45

Senate Democrats unveil new bill to counter voting restrictions passed by GOP-led states

US Senate Democrats have proposed a new voting rights legislation in an attempt to counter the growing number of voting restriction bills that have been passed by the GOP-led states over the past months.

The new bill, called the Freedom to Vote Act, crafted by senator Amy Klobuchar, also enjoys the support of senator Joe Manchin, a key swing vote who had previously opposed an earlier version of the legislation, For The People Act, in the Senate last June.

The new bill, just like the previous one, seeks to implement major reforms to the United States’ voting system to make it easier for the people to register to vote.

Moreover, it will set a 15-day minimum early voting window for all the states, and makes the Election Day a federal holiday.

“Following the 2020 elections in which more Americans voted than ever before, we have seen unprecedented attacks on our democracy in states across the country,” Klobuchar said on Tuesday.

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