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"Stopping terrorism is simple. Just quit screwing around with other people's countries and the terrorists will go home. But the government of the United States wants to go on screwing around with other people's countries, refuses to stop, indeed views it as Manifest Destiny for the United States Government to persist in screwing around with other people's countries, and views the inconvenience, increased tax burden, loss of civil liberties, deaths among the American people, and even global war as just another cost of doing business." -- Michael Rivero


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Sep 17 12:22

Apple threatened to remove Facebook from the App Store in 2019 over human traffickers in Middle East using the site and Instagram as sex 'slave markets', report claims

Apple threatened to remove Facebook's apps from the App Store in 2019, following a BBC report that showed human traffickers set up 'slave markets' to sell women to the highest bidder, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Sep 17 12:18

'Good riddance to Anthony': Trump hits back at Ohio House Republican who called him a 'cancer' as he announced his decision not to run for reelection after voting to impeach the former president

Former President Donald Trump tore into outgoing Ohio Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez on Friday morning, after the lawmaker announced he wouldn't be seeking re-election with an outgoing message where he called Trump a 'cancer' and denounced 'toxic dynamics within my own party.'

Sep 17 12:17

Horowitz: Heavily vaccinated state accounts for 65% of India’s COVID cases after rejecting ivermectin

The Indian state of Kerala has 3% of India's population, and 67% of its inhabitants have at least one vaccination. One would expect Kerala's COVID cases to be so low as to be invisible in a chart of India's very low overall cases. Yet this state of just 33 million people accounted for 65% of all of India's cases on Thursday, and even more in recent weeks. It has essentially been the only state experiencing a surge in recent months. It also happens to be the Indian state that has rejected ivermectin.

Sep 17 12:10

Vogue Releases Fawning Video Of AOC's ENORMOUS Glam Squad Putting Her Into THAT Dress For $35K-A-Head Met Gala Appearance As She Justifies Attendance Because She 'Did It For The People Of The Bronx'

Vogue has released a fawning video of socialist firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her enormous glam squad revealing how they put together the now-infamous 'Tax the rich' dress for her controversial Met Gala appearance.

Sep 17 12:08

White House warns of an economic recession and 'millions of jobs lost' if the debt ceiling is hit after blasting Republicans for refusing to work with Democrats on raising the limit

A 'manufactured' economic recession could plunge the United States into chaos and result in 'millions of jobs lost' if Congress doesn't take action on the debt ceiling, the White House warned Friday.

Sep 17 12:06

'I'll explain myself to Congress': Gen. Mark Milley says he will give full account of his 'traitor' calls to Chinese counterpart at Capitol hearing and says they were 'perfectly within my duties and responsibilities'

General Mark Milley on Friday defended his calls to his Chinese counterpart during the final months of Donald Trump's presidency as 'perfectly within the duties and responsibilities' of his job as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Sep 17 12:04

Nancy Pelosi compares Capitol riot to 9/11 attacks and says both were 'assaults' on the US as she blames Facebook for the violent protests after it was revealed millions of users are members of QAnon

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Jan. 6th Capitol riot an 'assault from within' during remarks in London, where she compared the events to the Sept. 11th attacks days after the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Sep 17 11:59

REVEALED: How Biden quietly ended deportation flights to Haiti a week ago and sparked border surge with 10,000 Haitians now living under Texas bridge: FAA bans 'embarrassing' drone flights overhead showing squalid camp

The Biden administration has been accused of trying to cover up the extent of the migrant crisis after the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) issued a flight ban over the US-Mexico border to stop drones capturing footage of the more than 10,000 people living camped out under a bridge.

Sep 17 11:58

Original Fact Checkers (Picture)

Sep 17 11:57

Vinland Map is a FAKE! Map once hailed as the earliest depiction of the New World is ‘awash in 20th century ink', new analysis confirms

The Vinland Map, which shows a section of North America's coastline southwest of Greenland, is famed for being the earlies imagery of the New World, but a new analysist reveals it 'is awash in 20th-century ink.'

Sep 17 11:56

Moment Roger Stone is interrupted during radio interview to be served papers for Capitol riot lawsuit

Longtime Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone got served with a lawsuit related to the January 6th Capitol riot while he was conducting an interview on live radio – and made the most of the situation by calling it a 'fraud.'

Sep 17 11:54

Fencing is re-installed around the Capitol ahead of 'Justice for J6' rally as Republicans distance themselves from the protest and National Guard are put on standby

Republicans are distancing themselves from Saturday's 'Justice for J6' rally as fencing goes up around the Capitol building and the National Guard are on stand by.

Sep 17 11:53

General Milley & The Deep State: The Real Insurrectionists

Sep 17 11:53

What could an Evergrande debt default mean for China and beyond?

China Evergrande Group is deeply in the red – to the tune of $300bn. And concerns are mounting that if it defaults on its debt, it could spell disaster for China’s property market and send shock waves through the world’s second-biggest economy.

A reckoning appeared even closer on Wednesday after Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that the real estate developer may not be able to make the interest payments on some of its $300bn in liabilities next week and could also miss a principal payment on at least one of its loans.

Sep 17 11:52



Paleontologist Robert Bakker’s exclamation to his colleague, Jim Kirkland, on the phone back in 1991 was quite literally about a big discovery.

Digging in Gaston Quarry in Grand County, Utah, Kirkland had uncovered fossils of giant newly discovered raptor. Snout to tail, the ferocious creature would’ve been about 20 feet long and six feet tall, with long, curved, razor-sharp talons on each foot measuring nearly a foot in length.

At the time, Bakker was consulting with some of the dinosaur artists on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Jurassic Park, and he had a problem. He knew the now-iconic Velociraptors in the movie were going to be about three times larger than they actually were — or exactly the size of Kirkland’s soon-to-be-named Utahraptor (pronounced “Utah-raptor”).

Sep 17 11:52

Aggressive 'park Karen' accused of verbally abusing a young girl feeding geese a slice of bread - before calling the cops because SHE was 'fearing for her life'

A mother has claimed another woman verbally abused her daughter who was innocently feeding geese in a Sydney park before allegedly calling police because she 'feared for her life'.

Sep 17 11:51

America’s evacuation of troops from Afghanistan looked more like a ‘downright escape’ than a ‘hasty withdrawal,’ Putin says

Despite the US spending months planning its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the events that unfolded looked more like an escape than a coordinated maneuver, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a forum of Eurasian leaders on Friday.

Putin was speaking at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a group of eight countries, including China and India.

“The urgent task facing our organization is to pursue a single and coordinated policy based on the assessment of serious risks related to the mounting tensions in Afghanistan following the hasty withdrawal – or more like a downright escape – by US and NATO troops from the country,” Putin said.

Sep 17 11:51

Interview Paul Craig Roberts: The Liberal hatred of the White Hetero Male

Herland Report: Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of The Herland Report, speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the implementation of the racist Liberal theories that now fuse the hatred of the white hetero male.

Why does the Democratic Party choose to pull the race card – just like Hitler did – as if good and evil ever corresponds to the color of someone’s skin?

Racism is defined as the evaluation of a person only based on the person’s ethnic origin or skin color.

The Left has irrationally implemented a racist theory that does not permit equal treatment regardless of race and ethnic origin. Rather, it seems to automatically prescribe the role of the victim to anyone with darker skin colors. This form for racism is now at the core of Leftwing thought.

With its remarkable rebellion against Western traditional values, the Left insist that individuals who are black should not be treated the same way one would with a white person.

Sep 17 11:50


Sep 17 11:45

PICTURED: Satellite photo reveals wreckage of $1BILLION B-2 Stealth bomber after landing gear gave way after emergency landing

Satellite images show the exact moment a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, one of the most deadly weapons in the United States' military arsenal and worth $2billion, crash landed at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri yesterday.

Sep 17 11:41

Yellowstone National Park records highest number of monthly visitors ever for August which saw 920,000 come amid COVID Delta surge which has seen spike in domestic breaks

Yellowstone National Park recorded its highest August visitor numbers ever this year as 921,844 came to see it, just a month after setting the record for most monthly visitors ever in July with over a million.

Sep 17 11:40

'We need to stiffen our spines and lean in to keeping people safe and healthy': Governor Newsom says his recall success proves Democrats need to get tougher with Covid restrictions

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, basking in the vindication of Tuesday's recall election, said his success proved that Democrats need to 'lean in' to coronavirus safety restrictions.

Sep 17 11:33

Donald Trump defends Jan 6 rioters being 'persecuted so unfairly' for protesting the 'rigged presidential election' as fencing is re-installed around the Capitol two days before 'Justice for J6' rally

Donald Trump on Thursday defended the January 6th rioters being prosecuted for their storming of the Capitol building, saying they were being 'persecuted so unfairly' for protesting the 'rigged presidential election.'

Sep 17 11:32

Pelosi says Republican party has been 'hijacked by a cult' and Trump will be first president to be 'impeached twice and defeated twice' if he runs in 2024

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went after former President Donald Trump yet again - but refused to say his name - during an event with British university students in the Cambridge Union on Thursday.

Sep 17 11:31

BREAKING NEWS: Jan. 6 committee leaders demand records relating to claims Milley spoke to China behind Trump's back

Co-chairs of the committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot are demanding Pentagon records related to recent reports that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley went behind then-President Donald Trump's back to warn China of a potential attack.

Sep 17 11:31

'You have the back of your president not China': Nikki Haley condemns Gen Milley over 'secret' calls to Chinese general and says he faces a grilling in Senate hearing later this month

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Thursday there was room for only one president at a time as she blasted Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley for going behind former President Trump's back with calls to his Chinese counterpart.

Sep 17 11:30

BREAKING NEWS: John Durham indicts lawyer for Clinton-linked firm who brought Trump-Russia information to the FBI and 'lied' about working as a 'political operative'

Two years into his probe into the Russia investigation, Special Counsel John Durham has charged Michael Sussmann, a lawyer with Democratic ties, with lying when he brought information to the top lawyer at the FBI.

Sep 17 11:07

Trump furiously declared Oklahoma rally was the 'biggest f***ing mistake' after TikTok prank left thousands of seats unfilled, according to a new book

Former President Trump was irate when TikTokers pulled a prank on him that left thousands of empty seats at his rally in Oklahoma, calling the event the 'biggest f***ing mistake', according to a new book.

Sep 17 11:05

Posters on display in California HS classroom display ‘F*** the police’ and ‘F*** Amerikkka’ phrases

Sep 17 11:04

EIGHT additional miles of Kentucky's Mammoth Cave are uncovered that extends the 10-million-year-old structure to at least 420 miles long

Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is the longest in the world and an additional eight miles of passages have recently been discovered, bringing the cave to at least 420 miles long.

Sep 17 11:03

AOC is hit with SECOND ethics complaint over $35k-a-head ticket to the Met Gala - and for wearing that 'Tax the Rich' dress

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been hit with a second ethics complaint after she accepted a free $35,000 ticket for her Met Gala appearance on Monday night.

Sep 17 11:01

Soviet chess legend files $5million defamation suit against Netflix over 'Queen's Gambit' for 'sexist and belittling' portrayal of her career

A Soviet chess legend filed a $5million defamation lawsuit against Netflix for an episode of the Queen's Gambit that inaccurately states she never competed with men.

Sep 17 10:54

Seven US states have accounted for 70% of orders of monoclonal antibody Covid treatments as total doses shipped across the country reaches 2.17 million

Seven states make up 70 percent of orders for this therapy, which boosts the immune system's ability to fight off Covid early in a patient's infection.

Sep 17 10:50

Battle to save world's largest tree: 275ft General Sherman is wrapped in fire-resistant aluminum blanket as wildfires bear down on ancient sequoia forests

The largest tree in the world - a 275-foot General Sherman - was among a grove of ancient sequoias wrapped in fire-proof blanks Thursday to spare them from blazes tearing through the Western U.S.

Sep 17 10:48

'The situation is out of control': Drone footage shows 8,000 illegal migrants waiting to be processed under Del Rio bridge - DOUBLE the number that arrived yesterday

Border officials said the situation along the US-Mexico frontier is ‘out of control’ after dramatic drone footage showed more than 8,000 migrants - most of them from Haiti - waiting under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas for processing.

Sep 17 10:47

Spencer County Sheriff’s Office and ISP searching for four suspects after pursuit

Indiana State Police and the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office are searching for four people who fled from police after a pursuit through Warrick and Spencer counties.

Authorities say the pursuit started in Warrick County and ended in Spencer County between Dale and Lincoln City. They say that they fled on foot near Lincoln State Park. Residents near the area are advised to lock their doors.

Troopers say the suspects are possibly armed and warn people not to approach them. A helicopter and police K-9s are searching the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for Santa Claus being peaceful and crime free! My guess is this is a drug deal that went bad.

Sep 17 10:44

Barack Obama 'destroyed rock n' roll' by banning 'white male angst,' Daily Wire podcast panel gripes

It seems that rock 'n' roll is officially dead, according to one conservative podcaster - and Barack Obama is the one holding the smoking gun.

Sep 17 10:39

NYC prepares to give booster shots next week: De Blasio will open ALL vaccination sites across the city with extended hours to give extra doses to New Yorkers as soon as it is granted FDA approval

New York City will open all of its vaccination sites across the city, with extended hours, to provide New Yorkers with booster shots as the US awaits FDA approval of COVID-19 booster shots.

Sep 17 10:38

REVEALED: Two Fed presidents with insider knowledge of US monetary policy sold millions of dollars of stock in blue-chip firms including Amazon, Apple, and Google last year, prompting ethics review

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has ordered a sweeping review of the ethics rules governing financial holdings and dealings by senior officials at the US central bank after two presidents sold millions in stock options last year.

Sep 17 10:36

FAA grounds Fox News drone after it captures viral images of thousands of migrants at border; Ted Cruz reacts: 'Ridiculous,' 'never seen anything like that'

"Our drone is back over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX," the popular tweet read. "Per source, the number of migrants waiting to be processed has now swelled to approx 8,200. It was 4,000 yesterday AM. Doubled in one day. BP overwhelmed, & I'm told situation is 'out of control.'"

Sep 17 10:36

Fans of rapper Nicki Minaj protest against vaccine mandates outside the CDC headquarters in Atlanta

Fans of rap artist Nicki Minaj protested outside the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, after she tweeted her thoughts on the vaccine.

"Nicki Minaj told me the truth! Fauci lied to me!" the protesters chanted Wednesday, referring to White House coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Sep 17 10:30

Propaganda (Picture)

Sep 17 10:30

Local health departments across US prepare to roll out Covid boosters as early as NEXT WEEK despite little guidance from federal officials on when the shots will be approved

Local health departments around the U.S. are preparing to roll out COVID-19 vaccine boosters next week, but they are still unsure whether or not they will be able to distribute the shots.

Sep 17 10:29

More than 800 minor objects are spotted beyond Neptune in discovery that could help in the search for the mysterious Planet Nine

More than 800 minor objects have been detected beyond Neptune in a discovery that could help identify our Solar System's hypothesised planet, known as Planet Nine.

Researchers have reported the results of a six-year survey to map the outer solar system, called the Dark Energy Survey (DES), which uses a telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, high in the Chilean Andes.

Sep 17 10:28

Now will Priti sack Cressida? Astonishing video shows Met police HELPING eco-mob block M25 because he was 'concerned for their safety' so made a 'dynamic risk assessment' - in mockery of Home Secretary's order for officers to take 'decisive action'

Astonishing footage has emerged showing a Metropolitan Police officer stopping traffic to help an eco-mob onto the M25 before they brought Britain's busiest road to a standstill for the second time in three days.

In the footage, from Junction 25 of the motorway on Wednesday, the officer waved through traffic to clear a backlog before stopping vehicles to allow protesters to walk out into the road and sit down.

Sep 17 10:24

California GOP Rep. reveals two elderly Californians have ESCAPED Afghanistan after weeks of being ‘harassed and intimidated’ by Taliban who blocked them from entering Kabul Airport

An elderly couple trapped in Afghanistan is returning to San Diego after weeks of being 'harassed and intimidated' by the Taliban, a congressman from California reported.

Sep 17 09:54

How The CIA Hid Their MKULTRA Mind-control Program

By Jon Rappoport

Back in the early 1990s, I spoke with John Marks, author of The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. This was the book (1979) that helped expose the existence and range of the infamous CIA MKULTRA program.

Marks related the following facts to me. He had originally filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests for documents connected to the CIA’s mind-control program. He got nothing back.

Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent Marks 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”...

Here is an MKULTRA sub-project you may not have heard of...

Sep 17 09:53

Children under-16 can take life-changing puberty blockers WITHOUT their parents' consent, says High Court as it overturns landmark ruling against NHS gender clinic

Children under-16 can now take puberty blockers without their parents consent as the Court of Appeal overturned landmark ruling against an NHS gender clinic.

The High Court previously ruled that children under 16 with gender dysphoria can only consent to the use of hormone-blocking treatments if they can understand the 'immediate and long-term consequences'.

Sep 17 09:43


They are withholding Ivermectin from the unvaccinated to push the vaccination narrative and murder the unvaccinated.