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Israel: police work in league with crime lords, say victims of gun violence

Israeli police officers have been accused of working in league with crime lords and not caring about the death of Palestinians as anger grows over their failure to get to grips with gun crime in mainly Arab towns within the occupation state. At least 93 people have been the victim of gun violence since the start of 2021.

Victims' families and activists have begun to speak out and direct their frustration at the Israeli police. They claim that the killing of Palestinians in Arab cities is a very low priority, and if the police took the death of Palestinians as seriously as prison breaks they could very easily arrest those responsible for the killings.

"The gangs are in control of the streets, and they control what goes on in the city, selling drugs and terrorising residents," Kifah Agbaria is reported saying in the Jerusalem Post. "Every hour, you hear shooting and people acting crazy, and nobody is doing anything about it." She has lost a brother and three relatives to street violence in the past two years,

The police still have no leads in any of the cases and have given no indication that they are taking it seriously. "I yelled at them, 'You have security cameras everywhere on the streets,' and said they were lying," explains Agbaria. "Two days later, the investigator was removed from the case. The police have still not called, and they don't care at all."