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Saturday’s vaccine protest – what the MSM won’t tell you

IT WAS all going so well. Thousands and thousands of indignant and outraged protesters marching to the fabulous Hope and Anchor Community Church drummers, red and white crosses on their t-shirts, behind a banner held by, among others, Laurence Fox and Martin Daubney of the Reclaim Party, saying ‘No to medical mandates, vaccine passports and medical fascism’. Attentive to gaps in the snaking procession heading from Hyde Park Corner to Clapham Common, hidden marshals kept the crowds of concerned families and individuals moving steadily together, stalked by more than a dozen police vans crammed with officers possibly disappointed at how pacific the disquieted demonstrators were.

People I spoke to, holding aloft messages saying ‘No to Vaccine Passports’ and ‘Healthy children don’t need a Covid vaccine’, were particularly concerned by the way the government were choosing to overrule parental authority and inject teenagers regardless of the consequences. Uncertain of whether the government were malign or misguided, many saw this as yet another example of the authorities seeking to coerce and control our behaviour, and were shocked at just how far the government is prepared to go to enforce its will. Some demonstrators felt at a loss as to what to do, but were buoyed up by coming together with thousands of like-minded folk, all determined to put an end to tyranny.

As people streamed across Clapham Common, the rallying point, to the pulse of Primal Scream’s Come Together, a message of peace and love rang out, and in the sunshine, those who were not lolling on the grass, joined the arms-aloft revellers swaying to Chic’s Good Times. As the sun set, some of the leading lights of the opposition to the UK’s coronavirus coercion plan took to the stage to reflect on the days of protest behind and ahead of us. Fi from A Stand in the Park praised the attendees. ‘They want to break us. They want to divide us, keep us separated, but we choose to stand strong together.’ Nacho from Stand Up X welcomed all the ‘freedom fighters who will not give up and will not be defeated’. ‘But,’ he continued, ‘the war is far from over. It was never going to be easy, but we are worthy of the challenge.’