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Don’t be fooled: Lab-grown meat is a disaster in the making

Lab-grown, or cultured, meat is being promoted as the wave of the future — the “green, sustainable” way to have your meat and eat it too. No animal suffering, no greenhouse gas emissions — just meat-like protein that will taste exactly like the burgers and steaks you’re used to. Sound too good to be true?

Underneath the greenwashed façade, lab-grown meat has been hyped beyond reality and its promises are slated to fall flat. Fake meats are not about your health or the environment’s — they’re a tool to phase out farmers and ranchers and replace them with an ultraprocessed food product that can be controlled by patents.

Not only is ultraprocessed lab-grown meat not a healthy choice for humans, but its production is plagued with environmental and contamination concerns that are likely to thwart the industry before it ever gets off the ground.

Ironically, the real wave of the future won’t be found via technology but through the return to regenerative farming practices that have been time-tested and valued for ages.