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Displaced Afghan Children Dying from Cold, No Healthcare

At least ten children have died of cold weather and lack of healthcare facilities in various camps where internally displaced families have settled in Kabul, medical officials at the camps said.

According to officials, about half of the displaced children are suffering from malnutrition and are struggling with various health conditions.

Abdul Wasi, a displaced person from Badakhshan province, said he lost his newborn baby Thursday night. “I borrowed some cash and took my infant to the hospital, but I had no money to buy medicine, then he died.”

“Three children died during a month at this camp due to coldness and the absence of health possibilities. These (people) seriously need winter assistance,” said Mateen, a doctor.

The Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation declared last week that the ministry has begun the process of returning displaced families from the capital city of Kabul to their home provinces.

“More than 50% of the families don't even have a loaf of bread. The situation will put the lives of these people in danger,” said Abdul Baser Rahimi, an advocate for displaced families.