Facial Recognition Scans Used at British Schools Under Pretext of ‘Covid-Secure’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Facial Recognition Scans Used at British Schools Under Pretext of ‘Covid-Secure’

Facial recognition systems have been implemented in British schools under the guise of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Using the excuse of speeding up lunch line queues and being more “Covid-secure” than card payments or fingerprint scans, nine schools in the North Ayrshire council of Scottland began scanning the faces of young pupils to process payments on Monday.

The managing director of CRB Cunninghams — the firm which installed the systems — David Sawnston told the Financial Times: “It’s the fastest way of recognising someone at the till — it’s faster than card, it’s faster than fingerprint.”

“In a secondary school, you have around about a 25-minute period to serve potentially 1,000 pupils. So we need fast throughput at the point of sale,” he added, claiming that transaction times were cut down to five seconds per student under the facial identification system.

Swanston argued that his facial recognition system is different from live recognition, as it doesn’t scan through a crowd to identify faces but rather compares a face to encrypted pictures on file at the school. He revealed that so far, 65 schools throughout the UK have signed up to have it installed.