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The Dionysian Theater of Democracy

One of the features of liberal democracy is it turns the natural virtues of a people into vices that help the beneficiaries gnaw away at the social fabric. The manufactured consent that results from every election inevitably rewards the tiny minority that controls the system at the expense of the majority. Worse yet, it gives this the imprimatur of popular support through the election results.

The obvious example here is the 2016 election that landed Donald Trump in the White House instead of the universally hated Hilary Clinton. Advocates for voting harder said this was proof the system works. The people were unhappy with the direction of the establishment, so they voted for an antiestablishment guy. The election of Donald Trump was proof that voting is the answer.

Of course, the establishment spent his entire presidency making sure that nothing would come of his upset victory. When his demise was sealed in the laughably suspect 2020 election results, these people rushed forward to claim that it was proof that the people were sick of this madman. The establishment undermining the democratic process was proof that democracy works.