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The Jerusalem Report: ‘We Are the Lab Rats of the World’

On the premier episode of CHD.TV’s “The Jerusalem Report,” host Ilana Rachel Daniel explained how her country led the world in time spent in coronavirus lockdowns, describing in detail what it’s been like this past year.

Daniel described how the people of Israel responded to the back-door deal between Pfizer and the Health Ministry that traded a discount on COVID vaccines in exchange for Israeli citizens’ private health and personal data, making Israel the first country to become a massive vaccine experiment.

Daniel said policy decisions were made absent of informed consent, were steeped in coercion and dishonest in intent.

“We are and were the lab rats of the world,” Daniel said. “To date, Israeli citizens have only ever seen a media-released, heavily redacted version of that contract,” between Pfizer and the Israeli government.

Daniel said:

“We’ve heard rumors of an alleged penalty clause if quotas are not reached. We’ve also heard Israeli vaccine developers being pushed out of the running by the government. It would appear we are beholden to Pfizer to the suppression of other treatments.”