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Guantanamo: Lawyer says case should be put on hold at Supreme Court

A lawyer for one of Guantanamo Bay's "forever prisoners" says the Supreme Court should wait to decide on a case involving his client until it's clear what the Biden administration will let him say about his torture at the hands of the CIA.

In a letter to the court sent on Monday, the lawyer for Abu Zubaydah said that while the US government has agreed to let him testify about his treatment, any testimony he gives would be subject to review by the government, making it unclear what information the Guantanamo detainee would be able to provide.

The US government "makes no commitments about how much, if any, of Abu Zubaydah’s declaration will be shared with the Polish prosecutor, and does not say whether Abu Zubaydah will be allowed to specify when he was tortured, an issue that was central at oral argument," David Klein, Abu Zubaydah's lawyer, said in his letter.

Klein also noted that the government team in charge of reviewing the testimony solicits input from the CIA, meaning that "the Government will allow Abu Zubaydah to submit a written declaration about his treatment at the hands of the CIA so long as the CIA authorizes it".