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Weapons trade with Saudis and Israel must be disrupted

Earlier this month, the UN Human Rights Council voted to reject a resolution extending an independent expert review of the human rights situation in Yemen by another two years.

The resolution – proposed by the Netherlands – was the first to be defeated in the council’s 15 years of existence. It was supported by the principal Western suppliers of weapons to the Saudi-led coalition waging war against Houthi rebels in Yemen but, it seems, not with the same vigor as it was opposed by Saudi Arabia.

The Reuters news agency called it a “defeat for Western states” on the council, though many of those same states will continue to profit from the war their arms are fueling in Yemen.

Media outlets blamed the dashed resolution on intensive lobbying by Saudi Arabia and its proxy Bahrain, a voting member of the council.

“UN member states have given a green light to warring parties to continue their campaign of death and destruction in Yemen,” Radhya Almutawakel, a representative of the Yemeni group Mwatana for Human Rights, told media.