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Like Afghanistan, a War for Taiwan is Unwinnable

Over the last two years, many foreign policy experts asked if Kabul would resemble the chaos of Saigon in 1975. It seems such questions about a war that cost thousands of American lives were fully warranted—and applying the lessons learned from both Vietnam and Afghanistan could prove fruitful when considering the possibility of the United States intervening militarily to defend Taiwan from China.

At its root, the causes of failure in both Vietnam and in Afghanistan have been essentially the same: the United States became embroiled in a civil war and ended up on the wrong side of nationalism, a force that proved impossible to tame, despite all the high technology of the U.S. military. The Taliban and the Vietcong had completely different ideologies, diametrically opposite in some respects, but their common plank was the desire to drive the foreign interlopers away.

Now, U.S. strategists are regrettably contemplating deepening U.S. involvement, already extensive, in yet another civil war. The Wall Street Journal revealed on October 7 that U.S. troops have been secretly in Taiwan for over a year. Chinese aircraft have been making larger and larger aerial displays around the island. For example, fifty-six People's Liberation Army aircraft, including bombers and attack jets, were detected in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on October 4. Unquestionably, rising Chinese nationalism is partly to blame for this volatile situation.

However, Americans are not blameless in this situation and the current round of grave tensions really goes back to former President Donald Trump’s foolish decision to take a phone call immediately after his 2016 election from Taiwan’s leader, Tsai Ing-wen, in brazen defiance of the “one-China policy” that has been the foundation of U.S.-China relations since 1972. Other measures, such as sending senior-level officials to the island, increasing arms sales, completing a $255 million “mammoth new complex” in Taipei in 2018 that resembles an embassy, and parading warships through the Taiwan Strait, have been duly noted in Beijing.


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…I think it is very obvious what Chairman Xi is thinking. The timeline might be a little off chronologically in terms of China becoming more vigilant over Taiwan!
The Taiwan situation does not sit on Trump regardless of a phone call!
This is 110% on Biden and the debacle of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan! The Chinese are very good people overall but they will jump at any opportunity if it reinforces their position!
Biden has given them this opportunity and look at the timeline that I speak of! OH WELL
Lesco Brandon

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