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White House announces new veteran suicide project: gun control and more

President Joe Biden’s White House on Tuesday released a new strategy aimed at reducing the “public health and national security crisis” of military and veteran suicide. The approach includes gun control messaging through “safe storage” of firearms.

As part of the new approach, the Departments of Defense (DOD), Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security (DHS), Justice (DOJ), and Veterans Affairs (VA), as well as the Office of Emergency Medical Services within the Department of Transportation (DOT), will work to create and implement improved “Lethal Means Safety.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a first step. Obviously, a veteran intent on suicide can open their safe to get the firearm. The next step (when the first one obviously does not work) is to strip all veterans of their guns "for their own good." Of course, nobody is asking what the US Government put these people through to make them suicidal in the first place!


The US Government never gave a @#$% if vets kill themselves...


...and they don't care today either. They are afraid the vets will take out the source of their misery with their guns, instead of just killing themselves quietly. Dead politicians can't keep selling the US out.

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