Holding the Line | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Holding the Line

In ES community we have always challenged the idea of what could be qualified as a base line for normal human behavior. When we begin to understand that there is this antihuman infrastructure of alien machinery, implants and mind control programs being targeted at humanity from the time we're born into this world, how can it be made possible that we could define normal human behavior? Because what we're enduring in this world is not normal human behavior. It is the overlay of anti-humans, negative alien agenda, super imposing their deviant behaviors and value systems upon us.

Many people do not understand the control that evil has had in this world by deceiving us. Everything we have learned in this reality has been a lie. What we have been educated to understand is largely lies. They have rewritten our history, they have stolen our original languages, and we have been subjected to this slave programming for thousands of years. The biggest trick that the devil or the antichrist has played upon humanity, and in our community that we assign to the negative alien agenda, is tricking us into thinking that they do not exist when they most certainly do. So, as evidenced by the genocidal program that is still not being noticed by many people, this in my humble opinion, is point in case of many insisting to live in complete denial of the existence of evil. Human beings need to know that unfathomable evil exists in our midst or it will exploit us to inadvertently serve evil agendas. And it most certainly has.