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NATO Chief Outrages Kremlin In Speech Linking "Nuclear Sharing" & "Our Eastern Allies"

On Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave a key speech on Europe's nuclear defense posture before a security conference in Germany. His comments are subject of multiple Russian state media reports, particularly as his suggestion that US-supplied nuclear warheads could be positioned on the military bloc's eastern frontier are driving outrage among Kremlin officials.

Highlighting threats from both China and Russia during his German Atlantic Association 'NATO Talk' Conference 2021, Stoltenberg especially highlighted Russia's "aggressive actions" and that "it interferes in other countries' affairs." With this in mind, he spelled out: "Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons, but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too."

That's when he invoked countries in the alliance which border Russia, saying provocatively: "The nuclear weapons we share in NATO provide European Allies with an effective nuclear umbrella. This, of course, also includes our eastern Allies."

This has set off fury in Russia. For example, RT News quickly wrote within hours of Stoltenberg's speech that he effectively "urged member states to remain committed to plans that could see deadly American nuclear weapons shared across the US-led military bloc’s eastern frontier, close to the border with Russia.