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Conquered by a Fake Pandemic, We Can Kiss America Good-bye

How obvious does it have to be before even insouciant Americans realize that there is something seriously wrong about the Covid vaccination program?

One would think we are already past that point even for the mentally-challenged.

Consider the many things we now know that make it clear that the vaccination program is a horrendous mistake.

We know that the vaccine does not protect. Dr. Fauci himself, a leading proponent of the vaccination program and Chief Shill for Big Pharma, admits this. This is why he says the double-vaccinated should wear masks and should have booster shots. If the vaccine protects a person from Covid, why do vaccinated people need to wear masks and have more vaccine shots? In Israel the Health Minister is already advocating a second booster shot which makes four jabs of the Pfizer “vaccine,” and the alleged “pandemic” is 3 months short of being 2 years old. Pfizer itself now admits that its vaccine looses its effectiveness over time. According to Fauci it is only good for 8 months, and you can expect to see that period grow smaller.

From the under-reported databases in the US, UK, and EU of adverse vaccine reactions to the mRNA “vaccines,” we know that there have been tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries associated with the vaccine. The databases are official data, and medical personnel are fully aware that hospitals and doctors seldom, if ever, report adverse reactions to the Covid Vaccine, instead attributing the deaths and illnesses from the “vaccine” to Covid itself. It is only some individuals who report the adverse reactions. This is why experts have concluded that only between 1% and 10% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported. For some age groups—especially children and the young— the mRNA “vaccine” has proven to be more dangerous than Covid.