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Homeland Security Looking For Ideas on AI, Biological Surveillance

The Department of Homeland Security issued a request for comment for 11 proposed research topics the agency intends to pursue, with hopes that eligible small business partners will become more aware and attuned to those areas of study.

The research areas were announced in a Nov. 16 pre-solicitation through Homeland’s Science and Technology Directorate Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.

These proposed areas include automated artificial intelligence sensing technology, counterfeit microelectronic detection, a broadband interoperability platform, biological hazard detection, a mass fatality tracking system, a wearable detector for chemical threats, low cost diagnostic devices, and streamlined airport checkpoint technology for passengers with limited mobility.

“The topics span a broad range of homeland security needs that give small businesses the opportunity to partner with DHS and turn their ideas into effective solutions,” Dusty Lang, the DHS SBIR director, said in a press release. “I encourage all innovative small businesses to review the topics in the Pre-Solicitation to better understand our research and development needs.”