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EU about to get even more reliant on Russia – Polish PM

Western Europe’s reliance on Moscow for energy supplies is only going to increase after the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline comes online, Poland’s prime minister has claimed, warning the Kremlin could have sway over the EU.
Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, Mateusz Morawiecki alleged that Moscow is putting pressure on both Warsaw and the bloc through the development of the underwater gas link.

“Part of the EU is already heavily dependent on Russian energy, and if the pipeline starts working, we can conclude that we will become even more reliant,” Prime Minister Morawiecki said, appearing alongside Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi?.

Morawiecki also accused Moscow of using gas as a “political bargaining chip” to strengthen its hand in continental Europe, which has seen prices rise sharply in recent months amid a shortage of supplies.

Morawiecki has been a long-time opponent of Nord Stream 2, undertaken by Russia’s state energy giant Gazprom in partnership with German firms. In an interview with Polsat news on Monday, he blamed the project, as well as Russia, for the high rates of inflation hitting consumers across the EU.