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“You’ll Be Right” — Catastrophic Vaccine Injury Has Been Normalised

Sunday tipped me over the edge. Any thread of trust in the mainstream medical world has gone. The whole Covid and vaccine narrative has become the most appalling display of mind mass formation where any semblance of logic has left the building.

I have been encountering many anecdotal stories of vaccine injury around me — personally. Members of my friends and extended family suffering from adverse effects and then people they know. I was on the beach the other day speaking to an accountant. He said he had to sort some stuff out at the office because one of the staff — aged 30 — had mysteriously died the week before. “She just died in her sleep… she was perfectly healthy”. I asked when she had been vaxxed. Just asking the question tipped him over the edge, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

However, on Sunday, I learned that one of the extended family had to go to emergency immediately after the second vaccination. The lad is 20 and was a super athlete and had competed in state competitions at school. Wanting to continue his studies at University he finally got vaxxed. Almost immediately after the second dose, he had serious chest pain and compression and went off to emergency at the Austin Hospital.