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Kamala Harris For Supreme Court? A Very Bad Idea.

The Democrats have two major electoral problems. One is Joe Biden. He is the most unpopular President in a very, long time. And the second is that Kamala Harris is even more unpopular. She could not beat Donald Trump in 2024 even if she did steal 14 million votes like Biden’s people did in 2020.

Kamala Harris has been mentioned as a Presidential candidate with Pete Buttigieg as her running mate. That won’t happen. They were on the stage together recently. Buttigieg did very poorly in the primaries in 2016. And he is one of Biden’ worst cabinet secretaries. Professional politicians want a candidate at the top of the ticket who will get the voters to come out and vote so they can win down ballot races for state assemblies and governors. Harris would only motivate Republicans to come out and vote.

One of the hottest grassroots movements around is parents angry with school boards. Parents are already mad at the schools over pornography in the schools, anti-White racism, masks and covid mandates. If a candidate said she were OK with letting pedophiles rape their boys under age 12, then the parents and grandparents would only get angrier.