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US reveals response to a Russian invasion of Ukraine

If Russia uses its military against Ukraine, Moscow will see a response from the US and its NATO partners unlike anything ever experienced before, including unprecedented sanctions, Washington threatened on Wednesday.

Speaking via video link at the Kiev Security Forum, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland reiterated the American government’s support for the former Soviet republic.

“We are resolute in sending the message to Moscow, that if it moves again to internally destabilize Ukraine or use these forces to enter the country, that it will be met with high-impact economic measures, the likes of which we have not used before, from all of [NATO]” she stressed.

Her statement comes as tensions remain high on the border between Ukraine and Russia, with multiple Western media outlets suggesting a conflict is around the corner. Despite the Kremlin’s repeated denials, Moscow has been accused of preparing for war, with some suggesting a winter invasion.


Alright WoooHooo…


…Looks like Santa will be visiting Ukraine soon and it is evident that he will hopefully bring at least $90 Billion worth of Military equipment and he will make sure that they won’t get any of that Cheap Shit we gave the Taliban!!!
…And without doubt Russia will feel Warm and Fuzzy having NATO parked on the threshold of the only warm water port from the country that seceded with a fair election! (How did they have a honest election without the Alphabet Squads involved to make sure it was not honest?)
…Let us also not forget that Crimea was given to the Soviet Union as an agreement that was contingent on them staying in the war to defeat Japan!! Problem with this arrangement was the Soviets never fired a shot which Pissed off the Brass and wanted they wanted to not honor the agreement?
Yep I agree the USA would be remiss if they honored a deal!!!
Anyway Hang Tight Ukraine as Santa will be there soon and if you leave Cookies and Milk he might even throw in 75 or 100 Million Dollar Cruise Missiles for Target Practice and Training….

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