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Staffers Deserting ‘Sinking Ship’ Kamala Harris

The Democrats have a serious problem in Kamala Harris. Her poll numbers are even worse than Biden’s and staffers are walking away from her office.

Even reliably liberal news outlets are starting to acknowledge the issue because they know she’s a loser in 2024 if Joe doesn’t make it for any reason.

This is from the Washington Post:

A Kamala Harris staff exodus reignites questions about her leadership style — and her future ambitions

The rumors started circulating in July: Vice President Harris’s staff was wilting in a dysfunctional and frustrated office, burned out just a few months after her historic swearing-in and pondering exit strategies. A few days later, Harris hosted an all-staff party at her official residence, where most of her office bit into hamburgers and posted pictures of smiling, congenial co-workers on Twitter, pixelated counterpoints to the narrative of an office in shambles.