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The Globalist Fourth Reich

The Globalist Fourth Reich: After the Second World War, a power vacuum had to be rapidly filled where a world formerly at war could somehow return to peace.

In light of lessons learned, an understanding developed that military might was not optional for the state – to be used only for defense – but mandatory to maintain power, at times aggressively. In other words, the aggressive militarist role of the State was given after WW2, writes author and scholar Steve Brown, a regular to The Herland Report.

Prior to that, certain influential idealists believed that the world could be at peace with competition not represented by warfare, but by trade and commerce, without a return to mercantilism, ie nascent globalist ideology.

At that time, capitalistic theories about commerce prevailed in the west (tinged with socialist ideology in the form of state control of capitalism.

In the east a more radical socialist ideology — perhaps suited to eastern thought and experience – favored state ownership and control of all production with equality in housing, education and health, enforced by the State. As such, American capitalism, European social capitalism and eastern communism became the ideological power triumvirate after WW2.