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Congress Seeks to Expand Israel-US Defence Cooperation to Include Technology Sharing

Israel is already the US’s closest ally in the Middle East, with Washington committing to provide Tel Aviv with $38 billion in military aid over ten years in 2016. Israel became a major US non-NATO ally in 1987, making it eligible to receive the latest US military hardware as it became available.

Bipartisan groups of lawmakers in both the House and Senate are working on legislation which would further expand US-Israeli defence cooperation to include a ‘US-Israel Operations-Technology Working Group’.

A bill on a ‘United States-Israel Military Capability Act of 2020’, introduced last month by Senate Armed Services Committee members Gary Peters of Michigan (Democrat) and Tom Cotton of Arkansas (Republican), seeks to increase cooperation between Washington and Tel Aviv on R&D and emergent technologies. The main idea behind the bill is that a joint US-Israeli ‘technology working group’ will be able to more quickly and systematically find gaps in cooperation and advance the production of new advanced weapons.
A House version of the bill was introduced on June 11, and also sponsored by both parties. That bill is now making its way through the House Armed Services Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Intelligence Committee.

In March, Peters and Cotton sent a letter to Pentagon Chief Mark Esper urging him to expand cooperation with Israel to include joint research and development to ensure that Tel Aviv continues to maintain a technological edge over any potential foe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders to just what third-party Israel will be willing to sell these advances in US technology, to ultimately use against us?!? And trust me, this wouldn't be the first time.

As reported by Duncan Hines, a Professor of International Relations and Coordinator of US Foreign Policy Field School of International Service, American University in 1995:

Israel's Unauthorized Arms Transfers

If this article doesn't cause one's jaw to drop, even a little, to read about Israeli "sharp practices" in this area, I do not know what will.