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MAJOR: CIA And MI6 Behind Armenian–Azerbaijani Conflict?

The clash between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been escalating fast. There is a full scale war going on, with both sides using heavy artillery, tanks, and aviation, with confirmed causalities already being in the hundreds, including civilians.

This conflict is beneficial for both Azerbaijani and Armenian elites, in short term, as it allows to distract people from the economic issues (caused by the anti-coronavirus measures with the global recession/depression in the background) and temporary unite them in the face of a perceived threat, but there is also a distinct international dimension, with Turkey outrightly supporting Azerbaijan through its networks (president of France, Emmanuel Macron, among others, has stated that Syrian jihadists are fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh) and Turkish diplomats using highly militaristic rhetoric in relation to Armenia (Turkey should be quiet about anything that has to do with Armenia, given the history between the two in the early 20th century, but that is besides the point).

There are multiple factors at play, but there are a few minor details that analysts do not really pay attention to.