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Biden And Benghazi, Who Knew What When?

The above photo represents Barack Obama and his team of military loving staff members monitoring the situation in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The picture conveys the idea that the Obama administration was totally engaged in the goings-on in Libya. Still, two significant things are revealed in this picture, one represents something that didn’t happen, and the other represents something that did.

What didn’t happen? Despite their avowed love of Americans in general and American military personnel in particular, none of the above representatives of the administration appear to be doing anything that could even be remotely construed as mobilizing (or attempting to mobilize) any assets to save Embassy members and their attached security detail. Hell, none of these would be experts have so much as a freaking phone in their hands, rather, they have collectively assumed positions that appear as if they are anxiously hoping that somebody, anybody, somewhere will act on their own initiative and take action that might put out the dumpster fire that Obama diplomacy evolved into, in all likelihood they are also wondering if the administration, and all the lackey’s attached to it, might somehow escape blame for this disaster.

What did happen? Look to the far left (how apropos) of the photo, isn’t that guy in the blue shirt with the sleepy look on his face Joe “I love the military” Biden? It would appear so, but if Biden’s campaign ads are to be believed, this Biden guy, when in power, did everything but part the Red Sea during his time in the White House, and the only reason that he refrained from the Biblical act performed by God through Moses is that Liberals don’t like to be reminded that God exists. So why didn’t the mighty Joe (or perhaps more accurately the mighty schmoe) DO something?