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Report: Trump Significantly Escalated Strikes and Raids in Yemen

A report from Airwars released on Wednesday reveals the extent to which the Trump administration escalated US military operations against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The report found more than 230 declared and alleged US military and CIA operations in Yemen since January 2017. Of those 230 operations, 181 were officially declared by the US.

Most of the actions were carried out in 2017, where Yemen saw a record 133 officially declared US airstrikes and raids, compared to the 150 official operations during the entire presidency’s of George W. Bush and Barack Obama combined. The monitoring group says at least 86 civilians were killed by direct US airstrikes and raids in Yemen between 2017 and 2020.

The report, titled “Ending Transparency,” raises issues with the lack of accountability for civilians killed by the US in Yemen. The US has only admitted to killing between four and 12 civilians in the Arab country from 2017 to 2020, who were all killed in a botched raid during the first days of Trump’s presidency.