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Dutch police beg “pedophile hunters” to stop exposing pedophiles

Sex crimes against children are easily some of the most horrific crimes of all, and the idea that these unconscionable acts occur every day is extremely disheartening. In many places, citizens are taking matters into their own hands as they try to expose pedophiles and turn them in to face the consequences.

However, the Netherlands wants to put an end to so-called “pedophile hunters,” with the Dutch police begging these people to stop exposing pedophiles after an elderly man was killed by a teen mob attack.

There are hundreds of such groups operating in Europe and the United States. In many cases, they pose as underage young people on websites and bait the trap. Once a potential pedophile expresses interest in meeting up with a victim, they set up a meeting. Typically, they will then confront the person with a video camera and give the evidence over to police.