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The Israeli/US/UK complex attempts to gaslight the world

The assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on Friday was the latest strategic offensive from Israel to provoke a war with Iran. The style of this terrorist attack lies well within Mossad''s repertoire and Israel is the (regime) with the most to gain.

The Israeli leaders understand that a protracted war will be fought by American and British soldiers with limited Israeli military participation. This is because Israel and their founding families control the foreign policy of the United States which has the strongest military in the world. These same entities control the entirety of the US mainstream media and much of its government. They also control the US economy through the Federal Reserve System.

The ultimate goal for these globalists is regime change in Tehran to a puppet regime that will reflect their desire for a one world government based in Jerusalem al-Quds. Evidence for these goals can be found in the writing, speeches, and interviews with representatives of the religious faction of Chabad Lubavitch. This organization wields tremendous influence on the Israeli and US governments and other governments around the world including in Moscow.