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Microsoft: Our free tool helps to improve your websites

Once you've instrumented your website you can start to get details of what your users are doing and how they're doing it. Part of that process is recording and playing back user sessions, watching interactions and paths through a site. Another is getting a heatmap overlay on a page, displaying where users interacted most with a page. Together the two techniques show what works for site navigation, and what reduces impact. Are users spending time trying to click on a page element that isn't interactive, or are they going down a path that causes them to simply abandon their transactions?

Currently free-to-use, it's easy to add Microsoft's Clarity to an existing website. There's minimal overhead, and all sizes of site are supported, with no traffic caps. It's important to note that Clarity is not recommended for sites that work with sensitive data, as session recordings could capture that information and store it on Microsoft's Clarity servers.