Duhok farmers can’t access fields as Turkey-PKK clashes rage | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Duhok farmers can’t access fields as Turkey-PKK clashes rage

Farmers in Duhok’s Mount Gara area are unable to tend to their animals and fields as a conflict between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rages nearby and their villages have been targeted.

“People cannot leave Chamanke in order to visit their villages for farming purposes. Our villages are 4-5 kilometers away from Chamanke,” farmer Jambali Omar told Rudaw’s Ayub Nasri on Friday.

Chamanke is located 15 kilometres from Mount Gara where on Wednesday Turkey launched a new operation, dubbed Claw Eagle-2, against the PKK.

Heavy clashes were ongoing on Saturday morning and PKK-affiliated media Firat News Agency (ANF), citing fighters, reported the PKK had “besieged” Turkish soldiers on the mountain.

Alend Amir, mayor of Chamanke, told Rudaw, “Seven villages of Chamanke sub-district have been bombarded by Turkish aircraft.” There are no reported casualties as the residents had already left the villages, though many animals have been left behind.

“We hear the sound of warplanes all the time. The bombardment is really stressful,” said another local farmer Ahmed Abdullah.