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UN: US, allies inflict economic damage on Venezuela economy

Following her visit to Venezuela, the UN human rights envoy has certified the information given by Caracas regarding the devastating economic consequences of the confiscation of Venezuelan gold reserves that are worth €30 billion.

The move by the United States and its allies the UK and Portugal is based on accusing the government of President Nicolas Maduro of not being legitimate. These foreign countries alleged that Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido is the “interim president” of the South American nation even though Venezuela's judiciary has ruled that he is not.

While Maduro runs a legal battle trying to recuperate the gold, the dispute has worsened the country's economic crisis as its oil companies abroad have also been illegally confiscated by the U.S and its partner nations.

Venezuelan authorities have denounced the fact that the ongoing US blockade has taken its toll on the Bolivarian Republic pushing it on the verge of economic collapse and this report was validated by the UN human rights envoy who visited Venezuela days ago.