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Turning Gun Owners Into Felons

The Democrats passed SB 554, the “go to the library go to prison” bill, out of committee on a party line vote.

The bill was amended with the “dash 10” amendment

That amendment removes parking garages from the places where a CHL holder can be arrested for having a lawfully carried firearm. It changes the language in the bill, so while in the original bill you could be charged with a felony just by being near an airport, now you would have to go into the terminal to face felony charges.

Senator Floyd Prozanski claimed that this change addressed the “misinformation” that was being spread about the original bill and the risk of being arrested near the airport. In fact, once again, Prozanski was using his typical misdirection because that is exactly what the bill did.

Before you think that exempting parking lots is a step forward, consider that under the amended bill you would be forced to leave an unprotected firearm in your car, and now be totally defenseless in locations that are known crime magnets. Needless to say, anyone using the mass transit Democrats like to push, is totally out of luck. We won’t even get into those who travel by electric scooter.