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Apple might replace the iPhone’s Lightning port with something much better

Various rumors claimed last year that Apple is already developing a portless iPhone. This handset would not feature a Lightning port for battery charging and data transfer, which is what Lightning does on all iPhones and most iPads. Known for his accurate Apple predictions, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made similar remarks in a recent note to customers. He said that Apple wouldn’t replace Lightning with USB-C anytime soon. Instead, the company would launch a portless design than switching to USB-C.

The Lightning connector has various purposes, so removing it is easier said than done. Wired charging requires a Lightning port, but Apple can replace it with wireless and the faster MagSafe-powered wireless charging available on iPhone 12. Lightning also handles wired headphones, but Apple already sells various types of wireless earphones. Finally, Lightning is used for fast data transfer between iPhone and computers, including backups, software updates, and restores. Most of these processes can be done wirelessly, but not all of them. Some reports said that Apple is working on new technology for using a wireless connection to handle these data needs.

A new finding indicates that the journey to a portless phone will make an unexpected but exciting stop. Apple is studying MagSafe wired charging for iPhone.