The Tragic Phase of US Reign in Iraq Coming to an End? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Tragic Phase of US Reign in Iraq Coming to an End?

Driven by the demands of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from American military intervention, the US eventually had to reduce its military presence in these countries, leaving 2,500 troops in each country.

Trying to “save the face of the US”, whose artificial peacekeeping mask was torn off by the population of these countries and the international community a long time ago, the head of the Pentagon Christopher Miller in his statement, published on the official site of the department, tried to explain the reduction of the number of troops in Iraq by the “increased capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces” and their ability to counteract the militants of terrorist group Daesh (banned in Russia) by themselves.

The day before, January 6, the United States Armed Forces Central Command (CENTCOM) press office said the US-led international coalition to fight the DAESH terrorist group confirmed 34,941 airstrikes and at least 1,410 civilian deaths since the operation began in 2014 in Iraq and Syria.

However, it should be emphasized that the US armed aggression in Iraq has lasted not six, but thirty years already. And the number of civilians killed in this country by the armed aggression of Washington amounts to more than one hundred thousand innocent lives.