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10-year civilian bloodbath follows NATO airstrikes in Libya

Abdel Rahman al-Tamami’s short life was a dark mirror of his country’s woes. Born shortly before thousands of Libyans took to the streets demanding freedom, he died last month aged just ten, killed while commemorating the liberty his people were supposed to have won.

It was February 16th 2021 and Libyans, including Abdel Rahman’s family, had gathered in the streets of the southern Libyan city of Sabha to commemorate the anniversary of the uprising against dictator Muammar Gaddafi. As if from nowhere, a mortar shell struck the crowd. Abdel Rahman received a terrible headwound and he died later in hospital — with up to 30 more civilians injured in the unclaimed attack.

It’s been ten years since the first NATO airstrikes targeted Gaddafi’s forces during the “Arab Spring,” turning the tide in the country’s civil war and helping bring down the brutal dictator. In that decade there have been intermittent periods of calm, but the threat of often arbitrary death from the skies has never disappeared.