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Is War Between Russia And Ukraine Now Inevitable?

The situation in Eastern Ukraine is critical. Russia and Ukraine are on the brink of an open armed conflict. In this context, many military experts suggest their opinions and forecasts on the military developments in the region. The position of famous warlord Igor Strelkov is definitely one that deserves special attention.

He became popular during the so-called Crimean Spring in 2014. Strelkov took part in the process of the Crimean unification with Russia, after which in Eastern Ukraine, he was one of the first who organized an open resistance to the nationalist forces that had earlier staged a coup in Kiev. During his military activity, he became more and more critical of Kremlin’s factual position. According to his later statements, the situation in Donbass remains close to disastrous due to the policy of the definite part of the Russian elite. Asserting his views, Strelkov even got in conflict with the Russian President’s adviser at that time Vladislav Surkov. As a result, Strelkov was forced to leave Eastern Ukraine and lost the opportunity to influence in the situation in the region.

In ideology, Strelkov’s vision may be characterized in terms that today become known as “Orthodox socialism.” This concept is based on justice, conciliarity, national unity and social responsibility.

Strelkov is widely known as a strong supporter of the so-called “Russian world” concept. This term despite the using of the word “Russian” has nothing to do with nationalism or a hurrah-patriotic adherence to the ideas of monarchism.