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Joe Biden Recruiting Allies

Joe Biden had announced it in his electoral program: “While President Trump has abandoned allies and partners, and abdicated American leadership, as president I will immediately take steps to renew the alliances of the United States, and ensure that America, one more time, lead the world “( il manifesto, 10 November 2020). He kept his promise. The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower and his battle group, made up of 5 missile launchers, “attacked Islamic State positions in Syria and Iraq from the Eastern Mediterranean” since this “claimed responsibility for an attack on Palma in Mozambique”. The US Navy officially announced this on March 31, without explaining how ISIS, defeated in Syria and elsewhere especially following the Russian intervention, now reappears threateningly with suspicious punctuality.

After launching the attack from the Eastern Mediterranean – an area of the United States European Command naval forces, with its headquarters in Naples-Capodichino – the aircraft carrier Eisenhower crossed the newly reopened Suez Canal on April 2, entering the US Central Command area that includes the Persian Gulf. Here she joined tthe French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle that, at Washington’s request, assumed the command of the US Task Force 50 on March 31. It is not deployed against Isis but in reality, against Iran.