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Russia Alarmed Over NATO Nations’ Militarization of the Arctic

The Russian TASS news site today cited Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova sounding the alarm over the U.S. and the global military bloc it leads, NATO, moving against Russia on its final frontier: the Arctic. Zakharova seems to have arrived at the realization that NATO, which already has Russia blockaded from the Norwegian to the Black Seas to its west and has a growing presence to its south in the Caucasus, is completing its encirclement of her nation in what the alliance calls the High North. NATO announced its plans to claim the Arctic as its sphere of influence over thirteen years ago, so Russia has no excuse to have been caught off guard.

Her words at a press briefing today had a tone comparable to that the Russian Foreign Ministry has adopted when addressing the renewed fighting in the Donbass in recent weeks: one reflective of a perception that Russia is threatened on its very borders.

“As for the possible sources of tensions in the region, the military activities of the United States and its allies in the Arctic, as well as bellicose rhetoric, should be viewed as such. It is NATO and NATO countries, including non-Arctic nations, that stage provocations there with increasing regularity….The desire to militarize the Arctic and use the region when implementing a policy aimed at containing Russia causes us legitimate concern.”