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7 Parts Of 'Rapunzel' That Were Really Messed Up

We all know the basics of Rapunzel: girl with long hair imprisoned by an evil witch, prince comes along, climbs up hair, rescues said trapped princess. (Why Rapunzel didn't just cut off her hair, knot it to something and climb down it herself is testimony to the power of Stockholm Syndrome.) But, while the original story seems to draw inspiration from several tales of women trapped in isolated places in various cultures, the Grimm Brothers' version of Rapunzel is the definitive tale — and it's one hell of a bizarre ride.

One of the reasons Disney may have taken so long to translate it into film — (in the 2010 film Tangled , which gives the heroine's hair magical powers, presumably to give the villain of the piece a more tangible reason for locking her up than just "I'm an earlier version of Mr. Grey") — is that the source text is actually pretty adult. You'd think that wouldn't stop Disney, considering they took the originals of Cinderella (which involves foot mutilation) and The Little Mermaid (which is horrible from start to finish) and made them into child-friendly classics; but there are aspects of Rapunzel that have made it hard to sanitize for child viewers.

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Claire located this after we watched Disney's "Tangled" last night. It is one of my favorite recent Disney movies; especially Maximus the horse (the team that animated him were brilliant IMHO). But in the spirit of "wokeness" Disney did sanitize the original tale a wee bit!