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Iran And Saudi Arabia Are Finally Talking

Washington’s fixation on Israel has undermined U.S. policy in the Middle East and helped make Americans global targets of terrorism. Perhaps even worse has been Washington’s devotion to Saudi Arabia, essentially turning American troops into royal bodyguards and treating Iran as an enemy. Taking sides in the Sunni-Shiite struggle, a miniature cold war that sometimes runs hot, has needlessly entangled the U.S. in multiple violent conflicts.

However, recent discussions between Iranian and Saudi delegations at the encouragement of Iraq have generated hope for change. Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia denied that any talks had occurred, Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry, suggested otherwise while refusing to comment directly.

He explained: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always welcomed dialogue with the Saudi kingdom and considered it in the interest of the peoples of the two countries as well as regional peace and stability. [Iran] will continue to think this way.” Moreover, an anonymous Iranian official confirmed the contact to Reuters: “This was a low-level meeting to explore whether there might be a way to ease ongoing tension in the region.”

Antagonism between Tehran and the Kingdom is intense. But that shouldn’t matter much to America, despite the tendency of U.S. officials to fawn over the ostentatiously corrupt Saudi royals. The regime’s oil influence always was overstated, since the absurdly oversized princely class must sell petroleum to maintain its luxurious and licentious lifestyle, irrespective of the state of government-to-government relations. And there really is no other reason to support a dictatorship that earns the KSA a place among the world’s ten most repressive nations.