A String Of Lights

Heard yesterday’s Situation Report(5-6-21) and Mike was talking about fleets of drones hunting people down that do not take the jab. Well, what we saw tonight sure darn proves there is something going on. Here is the report you can share and ask if anyone else saw this tonight earlier.

Sitting outside in the evening sundown time sipping on some sweet green tea in stargazer mode and suddenly, wow! It was just about 9:45pm and looking up saw the craziest sight ever seen in the sky. It was a long string of lights that were coming from the south, headed to the north right overhead. At first, only saw just a few, like five, and thought that was strange. Then, after a bit they just kept on coming. All in a straight line making no noise at all. Only a small light was visible in the dusk of the early night.

Started counting them and lost count after 50 fumbling around getting a camera. Tried to film them but they were too high, and it was too dark for the little point and shoot camera. There must have been at least a hundred of em and it took about 10 minutes for them all to pass over. No doubt it was a drone fleet that they are starting to show off. This is the first time ever they have been seen around here and some scary thoughts come to the fore after seeing that. Can you imagine having a bunch of those hounding or worse, hunting you? It was really spooky. A string of silent lights passing overhead, right over Northern, NM by the border, South to North, from 9:45-9:50 pm mtn time.

Gee, what could happen next?