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US lust for war mostly based on profit margins

A good deal of the earnings accrued from US wars goes straight into election campaigns, which in other countries would be considered bribery, but in the United States is relabeled as campaign donations.

The US is well known for inciting war, invading various countries with facile justifications, usually in the name of Democracy and human rights, framing itself as liberators rather that resource grabbing invaders.

Washington not only spends more than everybody else on its own military, but it exports weapons to the rest of the world beyond what anybody else does. In actuality the arms 96% of the nations that it itself calls the most oppressive, most brutal dictatorships and governments on the planet.

One would be hard put to find a war without US made weapons on both sides.

Not only is this profitable for US companies, but it also means that the United States can have people on the ground in every country, fixing the weapons that always break, updating the weapons that always change.

In recent decades, at least five or six times, hawks in Washington were screaming for a war on Iran,however, in 2007, and at other junctures in time. it was largely due public protest, and the reluctance of Congress members and presidents to start another war as unpopular and scandalous as the war on Iraq, which prevented it from escalating into another quagmire for the powers that be.