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In Palestine, the cruelty of apartheid is being met by the courage of resistance

Commentators in the West firmly in the pocket of the Israel lobby (in truth the apartheid lobby), would have us believe that Israel is a lone beacon of civilization and modernity in a region dominated by backwardness and regression. They would also have us believe that the generational conflict and antagonism between Israelis and Palestinians is the product of Palestinian intransigence, violence and terrorism, rooted in an unreconstructed hatred of Jewish people.

As part of this lie, onto the Palestinians is projected the sins of the Holocaust, thus allowing Israel to adopt the mantle of a state and people whose own violence is anointed with the memory of the six million Jews massacred in that horrific event.

However, the hard and unimpeachable reality is that the oppressed Palestinian indigenous people have far more in common with those six million Jewish victims of European fascism than those who claim to act in their name, while the latter stand in same tradition as the Hitlerite fascists responsible for murdering them.

You see, victims of oppression - of ethnic cleansing and state sanctioned murder, occupation and siege – share a historical bond that transcends religious or cultural beliefs, nationality or citizenship, as do their oppressors.

The violence that has been taking place in Jerusalem, sparked by the outrageous desecration of the Al Aqsa Mosque in the Old City by Israeli security forces forcing their way into the chamber to disperse worshipers with tear gas and stun grenades, and also by the planned eviction of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem to make way for Jewish settlers, has arrived as a reminder that while Israel enjoys the benefits of a technologically advanced army security forces, the Palestinians benefit from the justice of their cause.

Irish revolutionary leader Terence MacSwiney, it was ,who whilst on hunger strike in a British prison in 1920 proclaimed: “It is not those who can inflict the most, but those who can suffer the most who will prevail.”