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US plans 'large exercise' in central Europe, attacks Russia

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has announced multiple war games to be held across Europe, demanding that Russia should open up about its defense drills on its borders.

Kirby on Thursday described Defender Europe 21 underway in central Europe as “a large exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability among NATO allies and partners”.

The maneuvers, he said, are led by US Army-Europe, but has significant US Navy and US Air Force participation.

"The exercise continues with the Virginia class submarine USS New Mexico, arriving in Tromso, Norway, earlier this week," he said at the Pentagon.

"In the next few days, there'll be exercises ongoing in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany and North Macedonia."

Another war game, dubbed Astral Knight 2021, will be held by US Air Forces in Europe and Africa. Kirby described it a joint multinational exercise involving service members from the US, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia that will test integrated air and missile defense.

"It focuses on defending key terrain and scheduled training will involve a combination of flight operations and computer-assisted scenarios," he said.