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Gaza hits Israel's prestige despite Tel Aviv's claim to being 'superpower'

With its different Palestinian factions, Gaza collectively consecrated the state of Palestinian consciousness of all Palestine and achieved its goal of breaking the prestige of Israel, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that it had become “a superpower, not just a regional power.” This new Palestinian awareness was achieved following the Israeli escalation and aggressive campaign against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood (read below the entire story) inhabited by more than 38 Palestinian families threatened with eviction from their homes. Israel also savagely attacked al-Aqsa Mosque demonstrators.

The destiny of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has become an international issue that raises global awareness and solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. The Palestinian cause had been absent from the international arena following the Arab and Islamic countries’ normalizations and when [former US President] Donald Trump offered all of Jerusalem to Israel.

However, the battle in Gaza is not expected to stop soon because Israel is trying to restore the deterrent power it has lost due to the Palestinian missiles successfully fired from Gaza. Moreover, what is unusual is the uprising of the 1948 Arabs. After 72 years of coexistence, in the city of Lod in particular and in other Arab-Israeli mixed cities, they have proven that the new generation wants to regain their occupied territory, rejecting the unsuccessful Oslo and Camp David agreements.

The stormy development is not generated only from the field: Gaza’s rockets burn the ground under the feet of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). Abbas delayed the parliamentary and presidential elections that would inevitably lead to the loss of the presidency he has been holding on to since 2005. Israel of course believes that the current Palestinian president is its best partner because he has rejected armed resistance. Also, Abbas maintains security cooperation with Israel and prevents any possibility of the Palestinians living in the West Bank joining Gaza to confront both Israeli aggression and Israeli expansion.