Black Share of Known Murder Offenders, 1980-2019 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Black Share of Known Murder Offenders, 1980-2019

The federal government has a website for creating custom data sets from the FBI’s official crime stats.

Here’s a helpful graph I generated where the jagged red line represents what percentage of known murder offenders were black from 1980-2019.

The low point for black homicidality relative to nonblacks was 1984, when blacks accounted for 45.2% of known murder offenders. This was a particularly warm moment in white-black relations, the year of Beverly Hills Cop, The Cosby Show, and Prince’s Purple Rain succeeding Michael Jackson’s 1983 Thriller at the top of the pop charts. In 1984, the powder cocaine wars of c. 1980 were mostly over and the crack cocaine wars had yet to begin.

The high point (so far) was 1993 during the Crack Wars, when blacks made up 56.2% of known murder offenders. But 2019 almost topped that with 55.9%. And God knows what 2020 will look like.

The straight pink line is a linear trend line, which rises from 49% black four decades ago to 54% black today.