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America's Lone Carrier In Asia-Pacific Will Depart Region For Afghan Troop Withdrawal

Currently the sole US aircraft carrier based out of the Asian-Pacific, specifically with a home port in Yokosuka, Japan, is the USS Ronald Reagan - but it's now set to depart the region for the first time in years in preparation for the complete withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan.

Pentagon officials told The Wall Street Journal the new carrier mission will see the Reagan depart Asian-Pacific waters this summer in support of ensuring a safe US troop exit from Afghanistan by the time of Biden's Sept. 11 deadline. There's growing concern that given Americans are now staying well past the previously agreed upon May 1st exit (based on the prior deal under the Trump White House), departing soldiers could face severe Taliban attacks, a scenario which is more likely the longer they stay. But now Congressional hawks worry about the glaring "gap" to be created should ongoing tensions with China escalate.

The carrier presence is expected to assist in thwarting any such attacks via air operations or other missions which require calling in major firepower.

Lack of a carrier presence near the South and East China seas could (perhaps as an inadvertent byproduct ) actually help to cool continually rising tensions with China - hawks inevitably sounding the "alarm" notwithstanding - following over a dozen contentious sail-throughs of warships in the Taiwan Strait and waters claimed by Beijing, such as the recent Paracel island incident.

"While it is away, the Navy will go without an aircraft carrier presence in the Asia-Pacific region for at least part of that time, the officials said," WSJ describes. This strongly suggests another carrier may be later called upon to enter the waters.