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Journalists and liberal Zionists are determined to push ‘apartheid’ charge down the memory hole

Today’s New York Times has a long and compelling feature article about the Palestinian “misery at the heart of the conflict,” including house demolitions and evictions in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The most remarkable thing about the article, though, is what it leaves out, the systematic legal discrimination that fosters these conditions. In a word, the fact that Israel has been accused by leading human rights groups in recent months of the crime of “apartheid.”

Those accusations were shocking because of who was saying them. First B’Tselem, Israel’s leading human rights group, said in January that Israel is an “apartheid… regime of Jewish supremacy from the river to the sea.” Then in April the leading such organization globally, Human Rights Watch, issued a 213-page report documenting the Jewish state’s intention to dominate Palestinians and the inhumane acts that spring from that intention — and concluded that Israel was committing crimes of “apartheid” and “persecution.”

When Israel launched its recent attack on the Gaza strip, B’Tselem repeated the charge: “The current violence throughout Israel/Palestine is an outcome of the apartheid regime that controls the entire area.”

These very serious allegations had a very serious intention: to change the western understanding of what is taking place in Israel. There is only one state between the river and the sea, the occupation is 54 years old and Israeli leaders have no intention of reversing it, so Israel must grant equal rights to all under its governance.

But western media and liberal Zionists are determined to make the charge disappear down the memory hole, as they cling to the fantasy that there can still be a Palestinian state in the land east of the green line.

For instance, Richard Engel misled viewers on NBC News in announcing the ceasefire May 20: “Many Palestinians say the rockets and clashes are their only tools to resist what they call Israeli apartheid that limits how and where they live.” And that accusation is “disputed,” he said.

The report was misleading because Palestinians are hardly alone in that assertion — no, human rights groups with Jewish executives have made the charge, and cited the Nation State Law that gives Jews higher rights in the land.

More maddening was a New York Times article on changes in the U.S. Jewish community that twice refers to “apartheid,” but in each case as some crazy radical charge

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When a guy like South Africa's Bishop Desmond Tutu, who I have had the pleasure of hearing preach many years ago, at St. John's Episcopal Church on Adams Street in Los Angeles, tells me that the Israeli system is horrifically apartheid, I would really, really listen to him.

When it comes to apartheid, this man utterly knows about what he is speaking!!!!